Quick Tip: Add video and music files to your website

May 22nd, 2012

Use widgets for your customers and site visitors to play video or audio recordings in absolute comfort. There is a wealth of free services for video and audio files and it’s very easy to insert them into a webpage. Where can these files be found and how can they be added to a Webnode website?

Where can I get video or audio widgets?

Video – You can easily find videos on sites like Youtube.com or Dailymotion. You can either use already uploaded videos, or upload your own. To transmit videos live, we recommend that you use the service Ustream.tv. (Check out our detailed instructions on how to add a video.)

Audio – For finding audio files or storing your own recordings, there are many sites online to share music, such as Soundcloud.com or Chirbit.com.

Soundcloud.com widget.

How do I add a video or audio widget to my website?

Widgets can be added to a Webnode site by using the “HTML Code (Embed)”. HTML codes for individual files are hidden behind links or buttons like “Add”, “Add video to web”, “Get Widget” or maybe “Get code”. For detailed instructions on inserting HTML code, please see our Knowledge base article.

When inserting a music or video widget, please remember to observe copyright laws.

Wondering what a website builder is and how to use it? We have a detailed guide for you.

Do you know any other websites for video or audio files where you can get widgets? Share below! :)