Quick Tip: The 5 Most Useful Posts from our Blog in 2012

January 15th, 2013

best blog postsWe have successfully stepped into the new year, and now we have no choice but to nostalgically reminisce on the year that has passed. On our blog, we’ve published nearly 800 articles. Selecting the 5 most useful articles of 2012 gave us a really hard time. But here they are!

1) Quick Tip: I can’t find my website on Google

This article clearly ranks first among the posts that had the greatest success with readers. It offers a solution to everyone who helplessly asks: “I can’t find my website in Google! What should I do?”.

2) Image optimization? Rank higher in Google search

Searching by pictures grows exponentially every year, so our article on optimizing images for search was of great interest. We discussed the best format, size and name for images. Do you remember our tips?

facebook page3) How to attract fans to your Facebook page

In this post, we shared three tips on how to outwit social networks and enjoy the growth of your fan base. We took a closer look at communicating directly in Facebook, as well as on your website.

google analytics4) Getting Started with Google Analytics

Our Google Analytics specialist, Katka Štarhová developed a series about this excellent tool for measuring website traffic. These are articles to help you learn how to work with some of the features that Google Analytics provides. And because they offer a lot, prepare for this year’s sequel.

google maps5) Quick Tip: How to add your business to Google maps

SoLoMo was the buzzword of last year, “Social – Local – Mobile”. Webnode automatically offers the mobile version of the site which we spoke about on social networks. What’s left is “local”. Therefore, to help you further, we offered advice on how to add your company to Google maps.

Also, be sure to read the step-by-step guide to becoming a successful blogger.

We appreciate your support! This year, we’ve prepared a number of useful tips on how to work with Webnode. If you missed any topic, now is the best time to share your ideas in the comments. Thank you!