Quick Tip: 4 +1 Golden rules of link creation

October 9th, 2012

Links are shortcuts that make web navigation easy. They’re different from the rest of the text because they often have a different color and underlined text. Having a website with a good link structure is like having a bookstore where books are organized by subjects: people know exactly where they can find information! If your website is like a messy bookshelf, this article will help you!

Golden rules of creating links

1. Do not change the link format

Links must have a uniform style, that is equal throughout the site. All Webnode templates have a default style with ideal colors for every template. If you change the color of links, make the changes throughout the site. Avoid underlining normal text, as this will only confuse the visitor.

2. Use relevant text links

Choose an anchor text that reflects the content of the linked article.

A bad example: To create links in the site click here.

A good example: To create links in the site read our article on how to insert links.

Google values the quality of anchor text and improves your search engine results for those words.

3. Link to other sites correctly

If you add a link to an external page, make sure it opens in a new window. Otherwise, you may redirect the visitor to another page, causing them to leave your website.

4. Include notes on links to files for download

If your link is to a file that visitors will download, provide information about format and size. For example: Here you can download our menu (.pdf, 25 KB).

+1 Bonus – Links in images

Create images with titles and good visual impact and add a link to them. This will make your link more visible. Learn more on how to promote your links with images. If you’re not sure how to insert links to your site, see the article on how to add links.

These are the 5 golden rules on the use of links. Are you using all of them? Want to know how to do SEO? We have a detailed guide for you.