What to sell online? The best product ideas to sell online

January 3rd, 2019

Selling online can be extremely profitable, but before you get started, you should read our tips to make sure you start the correct way.

Thinking about selling a product online, but you are not sure how to start? Read step by step guide how to create online store. Perhaps you already have an online store and want to expand your product range? In both cases, our post can help you identify new opportunities for your business.
Nowadays, everybody has the possibility to open an online store, but the road to success is not easy to navigate. Basically, you need 3 things to be successful with your e-commerce site:

  • Offer profitable products
  • Have good marketing skills
  • Make your store amazing and customer friendly

In terms of products, you have generally two options of what to sell:

  • Niche products

If you have a hobby or you know someone who creates unique and amazing products, this could be a great idea to start selling online and start making a profit. Or, if you have an idea about a new product that is in demand, give it a try!

  • Popular products

A couple of sites are successful because they offer products that people look for, such as clothes, toys, food, etc. Unfortunately, this area has a lot of competition. However, if you think your business can do something better than your competitors, then make your business unique and become a market leader.

Eight top tips for selling online

1. Handmade, handmade, handmade

If you are a skilled craftsperson and make handmade products, why not make a profit from it? Do you crochet, or make amazing jewelry? Or, is your farm the best in the county? Why don’t you broaden your customer base online? It’s a great opportunity to make your business bigger.

2. Photographs, paintings

Maybe you are a skeptic, but let’s check the business data. Shutterstock offers around 70 million photos, vectors and illustrations for sale showing that photographs are one of the top digital products to sell.

3. Videos and courses

Teaching talent can also be a good idea for an online store. How? With online videos and courses. You can create videos and make money from your skill by selling your online courses. Just check Udemy, they buy and sell courses and are extremely successful. It can be a great example of how you can start your business. Additionally, consider exploring platforms like ExamCollection for inspiration, resources and tools to enhance your online teaching business.

4. Books, e-books

Do you write books? Or do you have thousands of books at home? Well, as you well know, not every book you’ve read is one you should treasure forever. When you’ve come to this point, you will want to clean out your collection and sell them off.

5. Food, cakes

Do you have a passion for cooking or baking? It’s not just a hobby but your passion? You don’t have to be a famous Michelin star chef to have your shop with cute cupcakes or stunning birthday cakes. Do you have a great pizzeria and are thinking about selling pizza online with delivery? Let’s let grow your business with an e-commerce site.

6. Clothes, shoes, toys, everything commercial

Your kids are grown and have some clothes that they only wore once? Or, do they have toys that they don’t play with anymore or a cute bike that is too small? You can make someone else‘s day with your unused stuff. Old or new, it doesn’t really matter. Both have high demand and if you build your store correctly, your customers will easily find the products they need.

7. Gifts, souvenirs

Do you have a great idea that will make everybody happy? Use it on your online store and help others surprise their loved ones. The only limit is your imagination.

8. Second-hand stuff

Do you have a couple of things at home that you don’t really need? Sell it! There are several websites that you can sell your old stuff on. But, if you have a lot, why not create a whole new e-commerce site for that?

Have you chosen what kind of products you want to sell? Now you can relax. The hardest part is done. Now, just think about how to organize the site and where to create it.

Before you start with the website you have to consider a few points:

1. Is the product you want to sell online suitable for online selling?
2. Is there a demand for the product? will I have customers?
3. What kind of payment options will I offer?
4. What kind of delivery methods do I want to offer?

If you have everything you need, start thinking about to create your store on your own with an online editor like Webnode. When you are creating your store, don’t forget about:

1. A catchy company name, one that your customers can easily remember
2. Have a pretty theme that is suited to your products
3. Have a clear and easy buying process so your customers can simply finish the order

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