News in Webnode: Domains NO, RU and SE

November 11th, 2014

Recently, our users in Russia, Sweden and Norway have got several new benefits. If your company or project are also represented in these countries, do not miss our update.

A domain name has a great impact on the fate of a website and its further development. Your own domain can help to increase the credibility of your website and help search engines to assess it faster and better. It will immediately show which country your project belongs to and what your visitors can expect from your website. Also your site will look localized and search engines will suggest it as more relevant for those who are looking for something in the local language.

You probably already have international domain like .com, .net or .org. There is no need to worry, you can have unlimited number of domains connected to one website. Even if you add another domain to your website, you will still keep the position you have reached with the .com domain.

What’s more, with your own domain you can create an email address and increase the authenticity of your company. Yes, email address like looks more professional then

Domains .NO joined the team!

We’ve got a new member in our domain catalogue. Now you can register .NO domains with Webnode! These domains were always some of the most regulated ones, for example only since June 2014 it is allowed to register domains for individuals, before that only companies were eligible to do so.

The main reasons people were happy to start registering .NO domain were:

  • they didn’t want anybody else to take domain with their name
  • they wanted to use their own email and be able to control it
  • they wanted to have domain for personal use, and not for a company*

No surprise that there were 7 000 more domains registered in the last 5 months (compared with the previous 5 months) despite the season of summer holidays and vacations.

As with all other domains, it is very easy to register .NO domain right from the administration panel of your project. All you need to is just follow these steps.

Changes in .RU domains: Cheaper and Quicker

But that’s not all – we also improved the .RU domain registration. From now on a domain is registered immediately after we’ve received your order, and thanks to this automatic process it was possible to offer a significant price reduction. The registration now is cheaper! The price of .RU domains starts at 12, 95$. You can register an unlimited number of domains with your Webnode website. Just choose the most suitable ones for your site! Doubting whether to choose .RU or .РФ domain? See our recommendations.

Of course, it may happen that you’ve already registered a domain with another registrar. In this case there is a solution – you can transfer it to us for free. Just send us a short message to and we’ll be happy to guide you.

Changes in .SE domains: Nice and Simple

Now .SE domain registration is even easier. As soon as we receive your payment, the domain will be registered automatically. No need for the confirmation of your email address. To make your life easier you can transfer your domain to us as well, even if you’ve already registered it anywhere else. Everything in one place under one account will help you to save time and effort.

*Source: Norfakta, September 2014, available online

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