Webnode’s New Feature is Here: The Form!

February 25th, 2013

Forms on a website can serve many purposes: registering to events, booking a table in your restaurant, subscribing to a newsletter, or showing interest in a product. If you are looking for such a form, we now have a simple solution! It’s convenient for your visitors and saves you time and effort. Use the new innovative forms! They’re available in all websites.

You can use the new forms on your website with a choice of several pre-made templates, or you can insert a blank form and add your own content!

Choose different fields for your form

You can choose from a wide range of fields for your form. For each field, you can choose whether you require people to fill it out or not (required/optional field):

  • Single line text
  • Paragraph text
  • Select a choice
  • Select more choices
  • Dropdown list
  • File upload
  • Email
  • Date

Form builder – an example of “Multiple choice”

After creating a form, you can set what kind of information you want after a visitor submits the form (e.g. a thank you message, a call for further action, etc.). Or, instead of a message, you can set a page to redirect the users to. Just adjust the settings to your needs.

Access the data in your site or simply download it

As soon as your visitor submits a form, Webnode sends an email to you to keep you updated. You’ll conveniently have access to the data via the form, and you can even download the information to your computer and work with it any time.

Add a form to your site today! Log in to your Webnode website and create your own form or benefit from one of the ready-made forms! Wondering what a website builder is and how to use it? We have a detailed guide for you.