Marketing Assistants Needed

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It’s Webnode. It’s in simplicity.

Join our Team in Brno!

We‘re now looking for a new member for our marketing team to help us further expand and take care of our online community. English, Japanese and Dutch natives needed!

We offer:

–  A flexible environment for long-distance runners who enjoy taking the occasional leap of faith
–  Development of your skills and knowledge in these areas: social media marketing, SEO and PPC campaigns, blogging, affiliate marketing, e-mail marketing, media relations, etc.
–  A warm reception guaranteed by a very diverse international team in Brno (Czech Republic)
–  Intense bursts of inspiration triggered by deadlines
–  A chance to get out of your comfort zone and experience the magical rewards


–  Common sense (it’s fundamental!)
–  Personal or professional experience with social networks, SEM and/or online marketing
–  A keen interest in news about the outside world
–  Special hobbies (if you have a blog where we can read about them)
–  A reasonable degree of geekiness
–  Creative solutions

If you don‘t meet the above requirements, all we need you to be is just too damn good!

If you are interested in becoming part of Webnode team send us your CV in English to

  • jucimara

    tenho que envestir muito

  • Olá Jucimara, para mais esclarecimentos contacte, Obtrigado!

  • Ondra

    in brno and czech not ? :(

  • Hello Ondra,

    At the moment we have positions available for the languages listed above. However, if you are interested in working at Webnode, we invite you to send your CV to us anyway. Thank you for your interest!

    Webnode Team

  • confused :S

    I’m confused as to what the job actually is…. and does it haev any prerequisites? like what sort of qualification/experience are you looking for? I’m a native english speaker and looking to move to Brno

  • Hello and thank you for contacting us. We can provide you more details on our open positions via email. Please include any questions you have in your email, we are glad to answer them! You can contact Andrea at

  • any openings?

    Hello, are there any free positions right now? If yes, in what languages?

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