Make a Journey Planner with Webnode

August 3rd, 2012

how to make a travel plannerMaking reservations, packing your luggage, planning your route. There is so much to do before a trip! Now you can have it all in one place. Make a website and tell your story along the way. It’s great for your friends to follow and it’s also a keepsake for when you want to look back on your trip. Are you going on vacation and want to document your travels? Follow our 7 steps to make a travel planner as unforgettable as your trip!

7 Easy Steps to an All-in-one Journey Planner

Whether you’re spending a few days in one city or traveling around the world, it’s always a good idea to plan ahead. What better way is there, than to make a website about your travel plans!

make a travel planner

We’ll take you through the steps, page by page, to create a menu like the one shown above!

1. Home

On your home page, we suggest adding a map to illustrate your journey. Try adding one on which you can draw your route, like Scribblemaps! It’s a widget which will animate your site, if you need help on how to add a widget, check our guide. We also recommend adding a Twitter widget to your home page for quick messaging.

make a subpage2. My Route

Plan your trip by day. It’s a good idea to plan your trip ahead, so you don’t miss out on anything you wanted to do or see while you’re caught up in sightseeing! With Webnode, it’s easy. Just add subpages under your My Route page in your menu and name each one by day.

Add subpages by day

3. Things to Bring

Add a table to your page for a checklist of things to bring and check it off as you pack! Why not add a weather widget, like from Yowindow, so you can follow current weather conditions in your destination and pack accordingly.

4. Essential Info

You can collect your most important information on this page. Upload your printable tickets. Add detailed maps about historical sites or a bike trail. Add links to websites where you found facts and figures about your destination, so you can read up on the info when you arrive! Remember, you can even read about it on the mobile version of your website.

5. Travel Blog

Run a blog of your travel experiences! If you would like your visitors to ask questions or comment on your posts, try Disqus. It’s a comment widget you can use to animate your site. If you’d like to learn more about how to run a blog at Webnode, check our detailed guide.

6. Photogallery

No trip is complete without a photogallery documenting the events along the way! A photogallery is a testimony of your trip. You can upload pictures fast and easy with Webnode with just a few clicks. Learn more details on how to add a photogallery in our guide. If you prefer taking videos, you can also add them easily by inserting a Youtube video or adding a video file from your computer.

7. Drop a message

It can be important for you to be easily reachable for the new people you meet on the road. Just give them your website address and you can stay in contact with your fellow travelers after you’ve already reached home!

This sketch of a journey planner is just the beginning of the multitude of opportunities that await you at Webnode. You can also add a forum, chat boxes, slideshows, and lots of other exciting features to further enhance your website! Sign up at Webnode today to create your own travel planner.

Are you going on vacation soon? Share your journey planner with us! Wondering how to start your blog? We have a detailed guide for you.