Change Your Look with One of Our 3 New Sets of Templates

April 10th, 2013

With the new season approaching, we prepared three new sets of templates! Take a look at our templates called “Clouds”, “Dolly”, and “Simplia”. Treat yourself to original color combinations and diverse styles to give your website a fresh new look. There is a little something for everyone!

Will you choose the dreamy Clouds dazzling with bright and playful colours, pastel Dolly with your favourite animations in the header, or the serious yet peaceful Simplia with strong contrasts for a more striking appearance?

Clouds Templates

Dolly Templates

Simplia Templates

How can you change the current template to one of the new ones? Log in to your Webnode account and follow the instructions. In the categories, search for the names Clouds, Dolly or Simplia. All the templates are free and accessible to all users.

The decision is yours and we believe it won’t be easy. Once you choose, remember to show off your new website, either here in the comments section or on our Facebook fan page. We’re curious to see your new website!