Learn Google Search Secrets for SEO

July 27th, 2012

With Google searches surpassing 1 billion a day, a huge potential customer base is waiting for you at its doorstep! Effective SEO requires a deep knowledge of what users search for, but knowing how users search, can also give you valuable pointers on improving your SEO strategy. Read on to learn more.

Remember, expanding your content will give you bigger online exposure. It’s not only important to know what people search for on Google, but how they do it. A large number of experienced Google searchers out there can be a valuable target for you. As a plus, you can also profit from these techniques by shortening the time you spend googling information!

Improve SEO with These Search Secrets

Add long tail keywords

Exact Phrase: Exact phrase formula using quotation marks ” “, will have search results with that exact phrase. Make sure your title, slogan, tabs, etc. contain the exact phrase you know users will search for! e.g., “ecommerce tips”

OR command: With the OR command, search results will display either one searched term or the other, using OR in caps. e.g.,. Internet usage statistics 2011 OR 2012

Synonyms: Synonyms are searchable with the tilde “~”. We suggest modifying your text to use more synonyms and avoid using the same expressions throughout your website. e.g., online ~school

Select relevant keywords

The “intitle”, “inurl”, and “intext” commands are used to search inside website titles, URLs and body text, respectively. Construct your pages by selecting appropriate keywords and adding them in correct places (title, text, etc.). e.g., intitle:create a business plan

Add files

Filetype: Good news. Even your uploaded files improve SEO. Users can search for information in Google based on the “filetype” command. See the example below.

Videos and images: A year ago Google added the feature that displays videos and images relevant to your search term. It’s another good reason to add images to your website. Users can find you better! Learn how to optimize your images and find some detailed instructions on how to add videos.

Add your phone number

Google does searches based on phone numbers, too. This is a great reason to put your phone number in your website’s Contact form. Learn how in our guide and attract customers!

Just run a blog!

Google Blog Search allows the fast and easy finding of information that only appears on blogs. In fact, this search displays the newest posts published online. This puts you at an advantage if you have a blog at Webnode, just make sure you update it regularly!

Use these tips to make your website even more visible online and start attracting a larger number of prospective clients today!

Want to know how to do SEO? We have a detailed guide for you.

Do you know of any other Google search secret we didn’t mention?