Join our Dynamic Team at Webnode

February 23rd, 2012

Are you looking to join an expanding international team and contribute to a growing online success? Do you enjoy constant challenges and want to learn something new every day? If you feel driven to be a significant influence in our everyday achievements, take the leap and apply to one or more of our exciting positions now open at Webnode.

Our team is composed of an international group of Webnode enthusiasts dedicated to making Webnode the best service for our 5 million users! If you want to partake in the activities of a rapidly growing company where you are guaranteed to continually meet challenges along the way, Webnode might just be your answer. If next to your native language you can speak English with ease, you’re a bit of a technophile and you are in Brno, Czech Republic (or are willing to relocate!), check out more information on our available positions via the links below. Just remember that enthusiasm and a spark of passion are required to be a Webnode team member!

Our expanding marketing team is looking for motivated new members to promote Webnode in a number of countries worldwide. Join our team as a Marketing assistant to manage online marketing campaigns and tend to the needs of our growing user base. Apply for Office assistant if you are organized, professional, and have experience in an office environment. Do you have special skills for dealing with customers and a knack for troubleshooting? Take a look at our Customer care openings. If you have substantial experience in customer service and you are a born leader, our Team leader position is the choice for you. If you enjoy working with languages, why not apply as a Translator? Choose to be our PHP Developer if you have relevant knowledge and experience. Or do you have a unique flair for creativity? Be our Creative director or Web designer to share your innovative ideas with us. Webnode provides a dynamic, multicultural environment where innovation and inspiration run hand in hand.

Are you suitable for a position at Webnode? Take our test. The more points you earn, the better your chances! :)

1. Do you have a website at Webnode?

A. Yes of course!

B. Not yet.

C. No.

2. How many languages do you speak?

A. I’m a polyglot!

B. 2.

C. 1.

3. Are you on any social network?

A. Yes, a couple.

B. Just one.

C. What? Never!

4. Do you enjoy challenges?

A. Yes for sure!

B. I guess so.

C. Not really.

5. Why are you the perfect candidate?

A. I love Webnode and I have relevant work experience.

B. I can use a computer.

C. I like orange.

2 points for answer A

1 point for answer B

0 points for answer C