iubenda Compliance Solution for your website and e-commerce business

May 6th, 2024
iubenda Compliance Plugin

Curious to know what happens behind the scenes when you browse through the pages of your favorite website or online store? Wondering what data is transferred and stored? Well, your website visitors want to know that too.

In this newest edition of the Webnode Blog, we introduce you to iubenda, a clever compliance solution that integrates smoothly into your Webnode website. Discover why iubenda should be your ultimate choice for guaranteeing global data privacy compliance.

Why do you need to make your website compliant?

With the introduction of regulations for online data privacy in Europe (GDPR), Brazil (LGDP), and the US (CCPA), in addition to the updated Google Consent Mode, website owners like you are probably already aware that data privacy is as serious as the judge’s gavel.

Every time your online store, blog, or website is opened, scrolled, and clicked through, data is transferred and tracked in the form of cookies. Your website visitors have the right to know and decide how their data is used in what way.

This is done by displaying a consent or cookie banner that pops up as soon as the visitor opens your website. By agreeing or disagreeing with the form of data processing and cookie tracking, the power is in the visitors hands, ehmm… clicks.

Moreover, by explaining how their data is used, you show transparency. This will not only make you a fair player but also a more credible and trustworthy person.

What are these cookies again?

Cookies are small data files saved in your browser whenever you open a website. There are “good and bad cookies“. The “good ones” make it possible to fully see the web content in any browser (necessary function cookies). The “bad ones” transfer information (like your IP addresses, and demographics) to analyze the collected data further (with Google Analytics) for the website owners’ specific purposes.

What does a consent solution contain?

Apart from the cookie consent opt-in and out buttons, a consent banner’s purpose is to inform and educate the visitor. It highlights which cookies are used for what reason and includes a more detailed cookie policy.

Furthermore, it links to other legally important policies, such as your data privacy policy where you reveal if you collect personal information, such as email addresses for newsletters or form data.

Laws about data consent are still shaping, and regulations vary from country to country. This is why Webnode has decided to offer a new smart multi-compliance solution that automatically adjusts whenever the rules change.

Advantages of iubenda Compliance Solution

iubenda is a data compliance solution that understands your website. It adapts to your (website’s) purpose. Here is why it is so essential:

  1. iubenda lets you define your target audiences by country.
  2. Your cookie banner, as well as the automatically generated cookie policy, are created according to your selected target groups. For example, if your e-commerce business focuses on Brazilian customers, it automatically follows the LGDP.
  3. It adjusts to your website type, e.g. a blog, an online store, or a portfolio.
  4. iubenda automatically detects which third-party services you use on your website, for example, social media icons, or calendar plug-ins.
  5. You can design the look of your consent banner to match the look of your site. Choose your colors and add your logo for better branding.

And most importantly, it updates when the law updates, so you no longer need to worry about being compliant!

Everyone who has a website project with Webnode, whether Premium or free, can activate the iubenda plug-in. We have a detailed description of how you can activate the iubenda Compliance Solution in our knowledge base. The iubenda plug-in is an exclusive add-on and is available starting at 5.50 USD per year.

Make your website or online store compliant