How to use Pinterest to promote your business website

March 27th, 2012
How can Pinterest help your business?

Although Pinterest might be hiding in the shadow of bigger social media moguls such as Facebook or Instagram, with around 300 million monthly active members, it offers a very interesting source of a new audience. Its founder, Ben Silbermann, created this platform to be particularly attractive for both creators and consumers of content.

First, let’s talk about the idea behind Pinterest. The whole concept is based on visual sharing. You have an online public noticeboard, into which you can pin pictures and share them with your friends. You can organize those pins into categories or even pin someone else’s collection to your board. But how can you use it to promote your business?

Get to know your target audience

Pinterest is a social site with a pretty specific audience. The majority of its users, that is approximately 80%, are women. They are interested in DIY projects, fashion, food, and planning for important life moments such as house decorating, vacations and parties. Dads like it too and use it to prepare for fatherhood and to find new creative projects for their kids. All these people are actively searching for new ideas and products and according to Pinterest, 98% of them report trying out what they’ve found. This and their willingness to purchase makes them an ideal audience for businesses. Could your product or service be interesting for them?

Attract, inspire and educate

Visually attractive presentation is the key to leaving your mark among all the pinned boards. Combine high-quality pictures with enticing copy and include your logo so your brand won’t get lost when content gets shared. Pinterest users like finding inspiration but also want to learn something new so if you can, turn some of your content into visual instructions or infographics. If people can imagine themselves using your product, you’ll have them hooked.

Plan ahead

Pinners love to plan. When they come across an intriguing but season-specific content, they’ll pin it for later. Still, there are certain periods of the year when searches regularly spike in anticipation of an incoming holiday or specific occasion. You, the business owner, should have your thematic content prepared well in advance. Check out this seasonal planner from the creators of Pinterest and you’ll know exactly what content people search for every month and when to start promoting it.

Lead visitors to your website

Catching the attention of Pinterest users is only half of the job. Don’t forget that your website is also part of the deal. We don’t mean just adding the link to your social profile. You can lead visitors to your website through every category and individual picture. Do you have an online store? Offering people to shop for your products directly from Pinterest is also an option.

Shopping might look like this on Pinterest

Bring order to your pictures

The difference between the good and the best is in a little bit of extra work. Dedicate some time to cleaning up your profile and organize pictures into thematic boards (e.g. based on product material, color, its purpose…). Your visitors will appreciate the clear structure.

There’s inspiration everywhere

Pinterest boards and profiles are mostly public. You can see the profiles of your fans, re-pin their content and they can share images with you. Pinners might be a great source of inspiration allowing you to innovate and jazz up your offer. Strike up a conversation and let your audience tell you what they’d like to see.

Looking for more inspiration? Some notable brands that are good at leveraging all the possibilities of Pinterest are Whole Foods, Etsy or Penguin Random House.

What about you? Did we persuade you to give Pinterest a chance or are you already using this social platform? Or do you need to know how to create your business website first?