How to Write a Good Product Description in Your E-shop

March 2nd, 2013

Do you know how to attract users and encourage them to buy products from your e-shop? Do you know some tricks how to charm your customers and run an even more profitable online shop? Sometimes, good quality and a wide variety of products is not enough. We will show you how to create good descriptions and become a true salesperson.

Having a beneficial product description can help you run your business in many different ways. It gives clear information about the item the customers would like to purchase, it makes your e-shop present in search engines and what’s most important, it helps you earn more money.

Make Content Pleasing to the Eye

Online shopping is based on visual experience, therefore you have to make your customer like your website and get them to understand what you are selling. Put photos – the more the better. Try to demonstrate characteristics you mentioned before in the pictures, and show different angles of the product. Remember to share high-quality photos so customers can enlarge them and zoom in. In Webnode’s e-shops, each product can have only one main image, but you can add more photos in the product description or even create a photo gallery.

Example: Don’t try to make your picture artistic and fancy. They are supposed to show different sides of your product, so there are no understatements and your client has a clear idea of what they’re purchasing. See the example below.

Product descriptions must be transparent, so don’t make them too long and try to be succinct. Format them using bullet points and paragraphs. Write in a professional way, use proper vocabulary, but don’t make it sound complicated, keep it plain and simple, and provide definitions. Remember that customers are humans too, and they don’t like to read long text. Also, keep in mind that this content is your communication tool, your source of information for the customers, so again, be clear and understandable.

Show Your Products in Search Engines

Inserting keywords in the product description will help you become more popular in search and bring people to your website who are really interested in your e-shop and its products. Keywords can be found everywhere: they are the name of products, the product descriptions, categories and even the name of the producer. Choose them wisely and make sure that they fit the character of your business.

Using boldface in the content is not only good for the visual aspect of your website, but it also helps search engine robots find your website and keywords in particular (fonts and colors don’t matter, just boldface). Pay attention so you don’t gild the lily – keywords should appear not more than 2-3 times in the text. If you don’t have an idea about the keywords to choose, use Google’s Keyword Tool. You can find an article about keyword search in our tutorial.

Be unique – don’t copy from warehouse sites, distinguish yourself from other e-shops, tell your customers why your products are better than in other stores. Valuable content is appreciated by search engines. For example, Google penalizes users for duplicates, resulting in your website appearing lower in search. Use synonyms, different forms of sentences, and don’t repeat yourself!

Think About Your Customers

When thinking about what to write, put yourself in your customers’ shoes. Consider what they might think and expect from your e-shop. Remember, that customers don’t know the information you do. Give simple explanations and use the language that you would want to read when purchasing products. This means no technical jargon! Also, use tags. They will help customers find products in your e-shop. Know your products and be honest about them, not only because stretching the truth can lead to potential legal trouble, but also because you want to earn your clients’ trust.

Another great way to gain your customer’s trust is to provide a guarantee – it can be either about the quality of a product (“If you are not satisfied with the product, you can return it within 30 days.”) or about tracking package delivery (check our article how to set tracking). Customers will feel secure and trust your e-shop even more. After successful transactions, you can create a “guestbook” or feedback page, where your customer can leave opinions about you and your e-shop. Use these tools to let others know that you’re are trustworthy and a good salesperson.

After a while, come back to your product description and recheck what you wrote. Make sure there are no grammar or punctuation mistakes. You can also ask someone to do it for you. If necessary, make changes and optimize the content.

Now you know how to write a good product description. If you want to know more about how to start an online store check our step by step guide.