How to format the text on your website

June 24th, 2011

Every one of us has certainly written a text for his website. And also every one has already seen many of texts on other web pages. You know well from your own experience that we do not read web pages. We are just scanning by eyes and searching for some “catching”, interesting point. Simply, we read web different way than we read press matter and according to this fact we should create the texts for the web.

How to create the “catchy text”?

Most of the web specialists agree that it is necessary to write shorter reports which should be:

  • Clearly divided into the paragraphs,
  • Titles should be divided.

In the text itself it is very important to:

  • Adequately highlighted extract using boldface or italics.
  • Use only limited underline, users can confused them with the links
  • For the clarity, it is better to use bullets or numbering.

Beware of using a different color font that the default setting! Too many colors are distracting, as well as a low contrast of the text and background.

The last recommendation is to write correctly without grammatical errors. A grammatical error can spoil the impression on the perfect website.

Bring other elements of the text!

There is nothing worse than a monotone flowing text. You will not definitely do something wrong when you will interlard your text by some of those elements:

  • Pictures – whether thematic or just illustrative (picture that do not protect copyright and you can use them are for example picture with the license on Creative commons)
  • Videos – services like Vimeo or Youtube will allow you to share your or videos of others.
  • Presentations – services that allows sharing presentation (for example: ScribdSlideshareIssuu) and allows to record it to your system and insert it on your page
  • Spreadsheet –if you present any numbers, it could be good to put them into a spreadsheet. It will attract user’s sight more than a paragraph with numbers
  • Charts – nothing can impress more than a pretty made color chart! Each program provides them in a big amount.

Want to know how to do SEO? We have a detailed guide for you.

So how is doing your website? It’s catchy or just boring flowing? Do you think that our article is catchy? Haven’t we forgotten something?