How to fix a problem on the social network? 5 tips for crisis management

June 1st, 2011

It can happen to anyone, to any company which is on the social networks.  Someone can write about you something defamatory and his message can be read by thousands of customers. Moreover, a negative rumor spreads faster than a positive feedback. What should we do?

Today, we come with the few tips for crisis management. It can really happen to everyone, so read it carefully!

1) Do not delete the negative feedback

Do not delete unpleasant comments. Usually, it starts to run an even greater backlash and your customers will not be unsatisfied only because of your services, but also they will be angry because of your approach. Many companies have faced it already. After, a wave of negative

comments and articles unleashed and it has been hard to stop it.

2) Quick answer

Respond quickly. It is usually harder to respond on the angry messages and we are usually postponing the answer, because nobody wants to do so. There is for sure someone in your company you takes care of social networks, blogs and forums. Give him instructions that the negative comments have priority!

3) Be transparent

Do not lie, don’t be vague and do not mislead. It certainly does not improve the atmosphere. Contrariwise, it certainly adds fuel to the flames and it will be difficult to get over it. Do not forget, that customers are not so uniformed as before where the Internet doesn’t exist.

4) Don’t be afraid to acknowledge a mistake

This recommendation follows the previous point. The users will not mind if we admit that this time you have gone wrong. However, offer them a solution. Try to really solve the problem. If you don’t feel that you didn’t made a mistake, so openly explain how it is. For what reason have you act like this.

5) Even a negative publicity increases brand awareness

There is always some tease that will be unsatisfied. When it is only a single case and other customers are very satisfied with your service, they always go to bat for you. And this is a very pleasant feeling.

Have you ever been faced with adverse feedback at your products or services? How did you solve it? Share it with us in comments!

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