How to Create an Ad Campaign in Search Engines

April 2nd, 2012

You’ve already learned about the basic types of PPC ads and their significant advantage over other forms of advertising. Now let’s take an in-depth look at how to create a campaign in search engines. Google Adwords offers a comprehensive help center, but you can read up on the essential points here!

Open an Account

First, you must have a Google Adwords account to access the Adwords system. After creating your account, select the time zone and currency. Make sure you set it correctly, because later you won’t be able to change it!

Build a Campaign

When you create your first campaign, set the daily budget, geographical location and language. If these attributes are identical for all of your products, you should have only one campaign. For example, if you offer babysitting services in New York and Boston, then for a business in Boston, you certainly don’t want to target clients from New York and vice versa.

Create Ad Groups

Assign keywords and create ads for each ad group, you’ll find more information on how ad groups work here. Create ad groups based on your keywords!

Let’s say you have a lodge in Denver, Colorado. “For our clients we offer the chance to host team-building events.” Create two ad groups: winter holiday and company events. In the first group, add keywords like “mountain lodge”, “lodge in the mountains”, etc. Add “company events”, “team building events”, and “company team building” to your second group.

Be Creative

Create only a few ads for each ad group. Google offers some useful tips that can help you to write successful ads here. Try to make your ads as effective as possible, and always remember to include keywords. Be careful not to overdo it however, you need to attract users, not robots. Based on the previous example “Winter holiday”, your ad text might look like this:

Accommodation – Mountain Lodge

3 Star Lodge, right at the ski lift in Aspen -from $60/night

Select Keywords

For each ad group, you can randomly add keywords using the Keyword Tool, but be careful not to include the same keywords in multiple ad groups. The system will have difficulty choosing which ads to show.

Our summary introduced the basic concepts and procedures used in Google Adwords. We’ll follow up with examples of how to build a successful campaign and if the campaign is still too much of a challenge, we can help you. Always keep in mind to create a campaign that will suit your business needs the best!

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