How to Become a Successful Blogger

April 10th, 2019
How to Become a Successful Blogger

Most bloggers create their websites hoping to eventually become famous. Maybe you’re one of them. However, have you thought about what it takes to achieve success? Since there’s no magical formula, we can’t guarantee you a glamorous blogging career. Explore proven tips to help you come closer to achieving your goals.

Find your niche

Do you enjoy writing articles, recording podcasts or producing videos? Choose what you’re most comfortable with, then think about the blogs you like that do the same. Are those bloggers experts in a specific field? Most probably yes.

Is there a subject you can be considered an expert on? Perhaps people always ask you for recipes because you prepare the most delicious dinners. Maybe you are considered a fashion icon among your friends or you have a quirky side business restoring old furniture. Focus on your strong skills and build your blog around them.

Choose the right name for your blog

If you can’t come up with a unique brand name, naming your blog after yourself is perfectly fine. In any case, the name should be original enough to stand out among the bloggers in your chosen field. You’ll want it to be memorable and it should create a positive first impression.

Pick the right website template

And keep it simple. Don’t cram your website full with widgets, plugins or ads. They can be distracting. A clear and uncluttered design will allow your readers to focus on the most important element – your articles. If you’re not sure which design to use, get inspired by our blog templates.

Develop your own blogging voice

It can set you apart from your competitors. Your style should fit your audience but show them some personality. Aim for a natural voice. Your readers will sense pretentiousness from afar, so imagine you’re talking directly to your friends.

Consistency is the key

The frequency of publishing new articles not only influences your position in search engines but also attracts your readers to come back for more. Just as nobody would read a newspaper if the articles were the same every day, your visitors want to see fresh content regularly.

You don’t have to post a new article every single day. Try to come up with a reasonable schedule that allows you to write high-quality content and stick to it.

Write attractive headlines

You can hook your readers and keep them reading with just a few well-chosen words. Using numbers, questions or writing bold statements in headlines seems to work wonders but avoid sounding tacky. Remember, you’re the expert in your niche and you want to present yourself as a trustworthy source of information.

Tip: Learn how to start your blog successfully

Use images to attract attention

People love visual content and will more likely read and remember your article if you add an interesting picture. You don’t even need to be a photographer to use high-quality images. Find out where to get free pictures for website.

Promote yourself

Once your blog is finally online, it’s time to tell people about it. Be prepared to work on the promotion consistently if you want to increase your number of visitors.

Get backlinks

The links you get when another website shares your content have a great impact on your position in Search engines. Get in touch with other bloggers, journalist or websites in your niche and offer them a guest post. It’s also getting popular to leave comments with links in discussion forums of your fellow bloggers.

Be careful not to overdo it and make sure you have something useful to add to the discussion. Otherwise, it can be considered as spamming.

Take advantage of social media

You don’t have to be active on all social networks. Choose the ones that are relevant to your blog and make sure you have time to upload new content regularly. Social media can help you attract a huge following if you work consistently.

Send out newsletters

Interact with your readers, collect their email addresses and let them know when you put up a new article. It’s yet another trick that keeps them coming back to your blog.

Get to know your readers through surveys

Would your readers be interested in an e-book, or a little contest? What prizes would they like to win? Is there any specific topic they’d want to read about? Tools like Survio can help you find all the answers.

Spy on your competitors

Who are the most popular bloggers in your niche? Examine their websites to see which content seems to be the most popular, think about what you like about their blogging style and learn from their mistakes.

As you can see, achieving success as a blogger requires a lot of dedication and consistent work. It’s not just about creating your website. Be prepared to work with social media, external tools and most importantly, interact with your readers.

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