How to Attract Fans to Your Facebook Page

March 12th, 2012

A growing number of companies are now addressing the crucial question of what steps to take regarding the expansion of a corporate Facebook page’s fan base. A common problem is that whatever the strategy, fan numbers increase very slowly in spite of every effort to raise these numbers. Read these three tips on how to seriously profit from social networking.

1. Give Fans What They Really Want

Interested users who visit your page and find what they’re looking for, will surely check back and even help your good corporate reputation to grow. What do people want to get from a Facebook page? According to studies, up to 37% of users will “like” a page to get a discount or any information about special events and another large fan group is interested in news updates or is looking for some technical support.

2. Encourage Fans to Engage in Communication

When fans like, share or comment on your posted content, this activity is revealed to friends, leading to a higher chance that those friends will become your fans. But how can you encourage fans to communicate with you?

  • Ask questions (Oreo: How long do a pack of Oreos last in your cupboard?)
  • Foster creativity (Schweppes: Better one Schweppes in the fridge than 2 _____)
  • Vary your messages with pics, links and videos
  • Encourage fans to hit “like” (“Like” this post if you smile when eating Oreo cookies.)

3. Integrate Your Methods

Promote your Facebook page online. Start with your website and add a Facebook “Like box” which is just like having your own business card online. Check out our instructions on How to insert a “Like box”. We recommend adding it to newsletters or even to your email signature.

Create a QR code and add it to your business card or to the packages of products you sell. Merge the online and offline world for a more dynamic marketing strategy.

You can attract fans on Facebook in a multitude of ways. How many fans do you currently have? Are you planning to monetize your website? Try this step-by-step guide.