How to Arrange Your Website Content

June 7th, 2012

What is the key factor leading a person to access a website frequently, buy a product, or make use of the offered services? We provide you the most important points to follow for your website to efficiently serve its purpose. Read on for more.

Lately much attention is focused on how web users browse a website. Studies on this subject have started to involve the design of heat maps that prove the results.

What is a heat map?

A heat map is a multicolored graphical representation of visitor interaction on a website. It is designed based on clicks, mouse movements and/or a special glasses that follow eye-movement. Heat maps are used to visualize the parts of the sites most attractive to visitors and thus offer an indication of how to improve the distribution of content to increase efficiency.

How to arrange your site content

According to studies, visitors pay more attention to the top left area on a website. Therefore, the upper left corner is the best space for the logo to be published. In Webnode, this also serves as a link to the homepage. To make it easier for visitors, part of your slogan should inform them about your website objectives and the focus of your business.

Think about how much text you’ll add to your homepage. Your homepage should create an impression, with the subpages including the details. Remember that “time is money”, so design your menu for easy content navigation!

Attract attention wisely

Calling attention to your website needs to be done wisely. Currently one of the most popular ways to attract visitors are banners, because they really capture attention, and when connected to an affiliate program, they help generate income! But take care. Studies show that ordinary Internet users have become blind to this form of advertising and often disregard any banner-like content. It’s something Google has taken into account as well.

Don’t worry, your banner will be successful if it is well-chosen and placed appropriately. Add text to your site which is relevant to your focus. Remember to choose a unique banner or even create your own. Go for new information, don’t repeat the old!

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What other factors do you consider important in constructing a website? Share your experience with the Webnode community!