November 28th, 2012

We’re proud to present our very first website x-rayed by our professionals. We recently launched the chance for you to get your website evaluated by our specialists! This time, the website was put under close examination to deliver insightful tips. Read more to find out the details of our investigation!

X-ray Analysis

Inspirational elements

Intro message to visitors: we felt very welcome when opening the homepage. Why not add a personal video too?

Social buttons: Social network buttons are located in an easily accessible place.

Google calendar widget: this widget is a perfect addition to websites created around organized events.

Suggestions for further development

Homepage: be clear in what you are offering, the website expresses the importance of stress-reduction but the offer seems hidden. Announce your High Noon event on the homepage with the where and when!

Forum: the box to comment is hidden on the bottom of the homepage. Create a new page for your forum, so users can access it easily.

Menu tabs: do first-time visitors really know what they’ll find under the menu tabs “High Noon 2012” or “STRESS BUSTER”? Use short but explanatory menu descriptions. For example “High Noon Event 2012” or “STRESS BUSTER TIPS”/”ONLINE STRESS BUSTERS”/”REDUCE STRESS HERE”

Photo album: the photos are currently on 3 separate pages. We suggest creating a main page entitled “Photos” or “Photogallery” with subpages for each category so visitors will surely see all the photos you uploaded.

About Us and Sponsorship pages: keep it simple and just have one page describing who you are and your committee members. Create a new page for your “Donations/Sponsorships” and link it to the “Business Resources” page. You can take a step further and add your Sponsorship form to every page so users can access it from any point of your website. Check our quick tip to learn how.

Google maps: there’s already a description of your location. You can make directions more visual by adding a Google map so attendees can immediately see where you can be found.

We recommend the tips above for easier web navigation and therefore, more followers. We look forward to seeing your new and improved website!

If you’d like your website to be the next one x-rayed, send your website to! Want to know how to do SEO? We have a detailed guide for you.