Guillaume Norig: Work for Local Clients Is Special to Me

May 25th, 2023
Interview with Guillaume Norig

Do you like illustrations and original graphic work? Then enjoy the Guillaume-norig graphic pieces. Guillaume Norig went from a graphic employment in communication and packaging to freelance. His inspiration is nature and local culture. “Webnode has helped me create and manage my website in a simple and efficient way, allowing me to focus on creating my illustrations,” says Guillaume Norig.

Tell us about your journey. How did you become a graphic designer/illustrator?

Trained as a 3D designer, I worked for ten years in the industry. My career as a graphic designer/illustrator began when I was employed. I realized illustrations for communication and packaging for example. I then decided to go freelance and concentrate on illustrations for small series printing and risography, as well as on the creation of websites and graphic design on demand.

Where do you find inspiration? Tell us a little bit about your creation process.

My inspiration comes from various sources, including nature, local culture and art in general. My creative process usually includes a research phase, where I familiarize myself with the subject of the illustration, followed by a drafting phase where I play with different ideas and compositions. I then move on to the finalization phase where I refine the details and aesthetics of the illustration.

Your designs are beautiful! Do you have a favorite illustration/logo/website you created?

It’s hard to pick a favorite illustration or logo, as each project has its own story and personality. However, I’m especially proud of my work for local clients, as it represents places and stories that are near and dear to me.

What is behind the scenes of your e-shop? How is the process from creating an illustration and putting it available there?

Behind the scenes of my e-shop includes preparing files for printing, uploading products to the online sales platform, and managing orders and shipments. Between the creation of an illustration and its online publication, there is usually a phase of preparation of the files for printing, which may include color and size adjustments.

Guillaume Norig's website

Guillaume Norig’s website and his illustrations

Who are your customers? Do you sell abroad?

My clients are mainly local individuals and businesses, but I also have clients abroad.

Recently on our blog, we talked about the importance of a business identity. What is your process for creating a logo?

My process for creating a logo usually includes a research phase on the business and its market, followed by a concept and idea creation phase. I then present different options to the client and refine the chosen design based on feedback.

How has Webnode helped you with your online presence?

Webnode has helped me create and manage my website in a simple and efficient way, allowing me to focus on creating my illustrations.

Why would you recommend it to others?

I would recommend Webnode to others because it makes creating a professional website quick and easy, without the need for coding knowledge. It also offers a lot of flexibility to customize the site according to specific needs.

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