Got a Band? Promote it Online

December 13th, 2011

Flaunt your talent, reach out to your fans, and maximize your online presence with a new band website. Jazz up your site with music samples, pics, tour dates, and social network buttons. Attractive design options and easy site management with no need for technical skills will have you spending more time with your music and less with your website!

Share Multimedia

Put up videos and photos, add any audio sample to download, you don’t even have to be a programmer! A few minutes of a jam session, album covers, or snapshots from fans, all online in an attractive package available 24/7.

Stay in Touch with Fans

Use your website to boost your fan base. Keep them posted by updating your news and including a calendar of events to show any upcoming gigs. Open a platform for discussion with a forum, polls, questionnaires, or a guest book.

“Fan out” with Facebook and YouTube

Without Facebook and YouTube many successful bands wouldn’t be where they are today because establishing a connection with fans is just as important as having a website. Watch your fame increase with “Likes”, totally free. Why don’t you show your unique sound and add the latest videos from YouTube to your site?

Sell Online

Have you released an album or a live recording on DVD? Got a line of band T-shirts? Sell them online. Use the catalogue for products in your e-shop, so ardent fans no longer have to wait until a concert to shop.

Don’t march to the same tune as other bands out there. Create your own customized website in just 5 minutes!

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