Everything you always wanted to know about Facebook but were afraid to ask

June 30th, 2011


It is undeniable, that Facebook has become a phenomenon. It is evident by among others from increasing number of questions about it on our support, in discussion forum, on Twitter and of course on Facebook:-). In the following article, we would like to inform you what you should know about it before you start to use and connect its promotional elements with Webnode.

As said in the introduction, Facebook is more and more popular and it should not underwhelm any of the owners of websites. Every day, you can find on it more and more potential customers and users that Facebook can bring to your website or e-shop, and where they can share information through it from your personal webpages or blogs with friends.

Profile, Page or Group?

Before you start to register on Facebook, you should read the terms and conditions. Among many other important information in those terms, you will learn that you can create so called profiles, pages or groups and each has strict rules on how they can be used.

The personal Profile can be created only by one person and there must be introduced a true information about you such as the profile photo. The Pages or also fan pages are used to promote other business or another commercial, political or charity organizations. The Groups are used for communication between people of the same interest and having the same opinion. The wrong way of their use may lead to deletion of your account.

How to have Facebook on your site and your site on Facebook?

Whether you want to inform that you or your organization is on Facebook and what are you doing there or you are attracting fans and you want to use the button “I like” for the sharing, Facebook allows you to use different types of badges or social buttons. In the settings of your Personal profile or in the editing of the Pages you will find the possibility of generating of so-called widgets and you can insert them and copy the Embed html code into the page.

We would like to warn you again to read the guidelines for the use of these badges and buttons to avoid any unnecessary inconvenience.

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