Domain Selection: How to Choose Your Ideal Website Address

November 15th, 2011

Choosing an effective web address is one of the major keys to the success of your website. Your website should be as easy to remember as the number of a hotline. Fortunately, unlike telephone numbers, a web address is very flexible and prone to tailoring, especially since the opportunity is open for you to choose the one you want! However, such a wide range of possibilities often causes us to hesitate in the midst of choosing. What rules should be followed when choosing the perfect web address?  Read on for tips on how to create an attractive, concise, and memorable address for your website!

In the article Build your Image on the Internet, we posted a number of reasons why having your own website address is important, but now let’s take a step further regarding the naming of this address. What exactly is the ideal address that is neither obscure nor difficult to remember?

Tips for Domain selection

Deciding on a domain name basically depends on whether it is designed for a business site, personal site or an e-shop, however, there are some basic rules that you can follow for any site.

Short domain names

Ideally made up of one word to a maximum of three words, the domain name is easiest to remember if it`s short and simple, for instance,

Domain names for business

Add keywords to your web address for an accurate description and efficient searches. In case of business websites, often the domain name is simply a given, such as the company name (e.g.,, the main business activity, or product (e.g., and

Hyphen in domain name

Certain domain names require hyphens for clarification, and can even improve search results for your site. Register a domain name for your business site without hyphens, in order to avoid exploitation from your competitors.

Unique domain name

Don’t leave room for possible mistakes to occur in spelling and grammar. Avoid words with disputable spelling, and take care when using foreign, or double letter words. Your web address should be written with the most commonly known spelling and grammar to prevent any possible confusion. Also consider the likelihood of numbers 1 and 0 being replaced by the letters l and O.

Match your Domain to your Location

There is a wide range of available addresses to choose from, but if you take your business seriously, choose the national domain of your business location. Take note that domains .com and .eu establish the greatest trust among customers.

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