Choose the Best Topic for Your Blog

June 13th, 2012

“I am looking for a good topic for my blog. I want it to be original and successful, but I just can’t think of the right subject. I need some help!” Can you relate? If yes, this article is dedicated precisely to you. Read on and find inspiration to start blogging successfully!

What to blog about

What you write about tends to derive from the activity and objectives of your website, as these issues are most interesting for your visitors. Always keep the following objectives in mind:

1) Show that you’re an expert in your field. Choose topics you are familiar with and with which you feel comfortable and free. To promote and share your articles, participate in forums related to your topic. If your articles are on professional issues, we recommend promoting them in specialized social networks such as LinkedIn.

2) Create a user community around your blog. Whether you talk about football, music or economics, it is important to encourage your readers to participate with their comments and create discussions.

3) Make money with your blog. Why this point? It’s very easy, because if you really want to devote much of your valuable time blogging, you will need a minimum income to allow you to leave some other paid activities. It’s hard to get a blog to be totally original, but it’s important to find a way to be different from other blogs so visitors will add value to your work.

Find good topics fast

Where can you find the best topics for your blog? We recommend the following free tool from Google.

Google Trends: It’s a comprehensive tool to identify current issues or ones that have a major online impact. It is certainly a source of “hot topics” to keep in mind.

Search on Google Trends

You only need to enter the word or phrase you want to analyze. Afterwards, you can select the desired country/region as well as the time range, and see how interest varies over time and place.

If you have a business and are still in doubt whether it’s a good idea to use a blog to promote it, check out our article Why Blogging is Good for Business. You might find it useful!

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