Webnode Maximizes Protection from Malware

April 20th, 2012

Files available for downloading is a common form of distributing information nowadays. In most cases, these files are harmless. But not all! Unfortunately, today it is relatively easy to spread malicious files that damage or negatively affect computer performance.

The dangers of downloading

All visitors have the option of downloading files that webmasters make available on their websites. Some file formats are considered safe: .mp3 (audio), .avi (video) or .txt (text). There are however, a number of potentially dangerous files especially the self-executing .exe and compressed files: .zip, .rar, etc.

Viruses, Trojans, spyware and spam generators are just some examples of the unpleasant surprises that can hide in these files.

How to prevent malware?

We advise you not to download these file types from any untrusted website, especially if you don’t have adequate security software (antivirus, firewall, etc). Remember that prevention is better than the cure. Webnode also fights against the spread of malicious software, so from May 15, 2012, you cannot upload potentially corrupt files to Webnode websites.

The vast majority of users are not affected by this change, files can be uploaded as usual. However, those who wish to use Webnode to spread malware will face an impossible task.

The full list of files that can be uploaded to Webnode websites are in our article List of accepted files. This limitation applies only to the free version.