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Quick Tip: How to Add a Live Chat to Your Website and E-shop

Quick Tip: How to Add a Live Chat to Your Website and E-shopA website without a live chat widget is like a shop without shop assistants. Very often, when potential customers are visiting your e-shop or business website, they are also comparing features and prices of your products to other websites. The first e-shop answering all their questions and queries is the one which gets the purchase. If your customers can not wait, add the Smartsupp live chat widget.
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Quick Tip: How to Embed a Paper.li Widget on Your Website

Quick Tip: How to Insert Paper.li on Your WebsiteToday millions of websites include a news section not only about company news but market news as well. Paper.li embedded on a website can provide an interesting and colorful way to run a news channel that gets updated automatically without any effort. In this article, you’ll discover the advantages of Paper.li news widgets and how to insert them on your Webnode website.

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Quick Tip: How to Add a Prezi Presentation to Your Website

How to Embed a Prezi Presentation“Prezi” are presentations created with stunning slides. Thanks to their interactivity and movement, they are brilliant additions to any website. In this quick tip, I’ll show you how to get the embed code you need to insert these presentations on your Webnode website.

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Quick Tip: How to Add Google Street View to Your Website

How to Add Google Street View to Your Website

If Google Maps already shows the exact location of your business, Google Street View takes this functionality two steps further by providing a new dimension: more visual, informative and dimensional. Thanks to the combination of a map and an interactive window to the real world, you’ll improve visitor experience to your website as well as to your business. And now you’ll find that adding a Street View map to your site is twice better. In this article, we’ll explore how this “treasure map” can benefit you and how you can add a Google Street View map to your web page.


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Looking To Create a Beautiful Website? Get Inspired

free website templatesA web template is like a blank canvas – you can paint anything on it. It doesn’t even matter what it looked like at the start. Let’s see how many different looks a Serious template can have. Let yourself be inspired and create a custom website which will grab reader attention at first glance.
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Quick Tip: How to Add Anchor Links to Your Website

how to add anchor linksWe’re sure you’ve already seen these links, for example in longer Wikipedia articles – links that quickly direct you to another location on the same page. These links are also called bookmarks or anchors. So how can you add anchor links to your Webnode website?

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Quick Tip: How to Exclude Your Own Visits from Google Analytics Stats

Did you know that statistics in Google Analytics also include your own access to your site? Fortunately there is an easy way to make your statistics more accurate. The following tip will show you how to quickly remove your IP address in the statistics of traffic to your site.

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Quick Tip: 5 Webnode Features That’ll Make Search Engines Love You

Quick tipOne of the cornerstones of successful website promotion is a good search engine ranking. Webnode is well-aware of this. That’s why we created a variety of tools to help Webnode sites rank in top positions in search. In the following article, you’ll learn about the 5 most useful features.
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Quick Tip: Surprise Your Readers with Social Buttons


You have a perfect website, but nobody talks about it? You write great articles, but nobody “likes” them? You want to be known and your posts to be popular, but they are not being shared in social networks? Sometimes, all people need is a small “push”. We have the perfect tool to help you out: meet Wibiya by Conduit. 


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Quick Tip: How to Allow Visitors to Upload Files to Your Website

Allow Visitors to Upload Files to Your WebsiteDo you need for your site visitors to be able to share pictures or any other files? With the new forms there is a simple way to do so. Just three clicks and visitors can upload files to your website whenever they like. Discover how easily you can do it!

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