Webnode Wins at the LeWeb’08 Startup Competition

It wasn’t too shortly after we revealed that we would be attending the biggest web conference in Europe, LeWeb’08 Paris (www.lewebparis.com/) on December 9th/10th 2008, competing along with hundreds of other companies, from 18 different countries, in the start-up competition section, that we won it!

Webnode brings higher efficiency to website building

When it comes to website building there are many tools available on the internet for free. Lately online website builders have gained popularity for their ease of use. Compared to other sitebuilders Webnode.com offers significantly higher efficiency of website creation and maintenance.

On-line website builders: who is it for?

Setting up your on-line presence has never been easier since Webnode started to offer its powerful service. With the help of Webnode almost everybody is capable of creating a website, even without technical skills. A recent survey of Webnode.com reveals that 36% of our website builder users create business-related websites. Fan sites make up one third while personal websites represent the remaining 31%.