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4 Mistakes Doctors Make On Their Website

Doctors, more than anyone else, need to inspire confidence in the people visiting their website. But there are many ways to ruin a first impression and potential patients may end up feeling exactly the opposite. Therefore, we selected four basic errors you should be watch out for. It’s not only eye-catching design, but also necessary information, that shouldn’t be missing in any case!

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Website Design for Your Travel Agency

How to make a travel websiteWorking people enjoy their holiday most of all – the best vacation is usually some exotic destination. However, there’s high competition among travel agencies. The best marketing weapon in tourism is to run an attractive website. Create such an awesome  website that people will start packing their suitcases immediately. We’ll show you how.


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Wedding Websites: Make a Collection of Memories

Make a wedding website

A wedding is one of the most beautiful experiences in our lives. We want it to be memorable not only for, us but also for our guests. Therefore, many people build a wedding site – a web album, in which they can share their memories with friends and family. Let’s see what a wedding website can look like!



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Get to Know the Latest Trends in Web Design!

modern web designWeb development is advancing by leaps and bounds. If you don’t want your site to be scrapped, you have to keep up with the trends. Come and take a look at the ruling web design trends of 2013, and use them to customize your website!

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Make a Beauty Salon Website to Entice Your Existing Visitors

how to make a beauty blogWebsites for beauty salons are the kind that need strong visual content. Pictures evoke emotions more easily than words. And what you want your guests to feel, is that they’ll experience comfort and well-being if they come to your salon. Come take a look at the best templates for beauty salons and create a website that’s like a fairy-tale castle for all ladies who wish to look like a princess.

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Create a Website for Your Restaurant, Café or Bar

How to build a restaurant websiteDo you own a restaurant, bistro, or café? Are you looking to expand your clientele? A website for your restaurant is the answer. Nowadays people search for restaurants on mobiles and tablets so getting online is crucial to any restaurant business. Serve your customers comfort and convenience. Keep reading to find out how you can promote your restaurant online fast and easy! Read more …

Best Tips On How to Start a Video Blog

Video Blogging

Video blogging, or so-called – vlogging, has become a more and more popular way of communicating with users, visitors or clients. Read our article to learn how to start your own VLOG! Read more …

How to Beat Content Thieves

Have you ever found your own words on someone else’s blog, or a photo you took on another website? Material that you publish online can be easily stolen. Protect your website. Learn how you can beat web content thieves in this article.

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How to Choose a Good Title to Attract Readers

How to write a good titleIf readers aren’t attracted by a headline, they won’t be losing time reading the article. The title is what sells newspapers – and it is what sells your articles as well. The Internet is full of fascinating information. Lots of interesting content gets lost just because authors don’t know how to sell the article. Take care that your articles don’t meet the same fate. Read our tips and learn how to create razor sharp titles.

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10 Ways to Find Inspiration for Writing

Ideas for writingFinding ideas for writing an article is one of the biggest problems faced by many bloggers. Sometimes what’s missing for a good article to write about are the ideas. When you already have a blog with many articles, it may seem you’ve already written about everything. But don’t despair, there are always new topics to explore! With this article we want to share tips on where you can find ideas for writing about new topics.
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