Build a Site for Your Pet

January 27th, 2012

Are you a proud pet owner? With your own pet website you can keep your memories safely stored, instantly share experience with other pet owners, and even keep track of vet appointments, training sessions, and so on. Create your pet website now! Your pet will surely appreciate the extra attention.

Store Memories

Upload photos and videos of your pet as it grows and learns more about the world day by day. Is your dog or cat entering a contest? Post the event and publish the results with some great photos. You can even start a pet photo contest on your website with fellow animal lovers, and see whose photo wins the prize!

Share Experience

Are there certain issues you want to discuss with other pet owners? Do you have a cat or dog that needs special attention and you’re looking for some useful tips for their care? Your website forum can be the perfect setting for discussion. Publish a poll for a pressing question you have or add a widget to insert chat for real-time conversation. Don’t forget, your website is great for blogging, so keep your visitors up-to-date with regular posts!

Keep Yourself Updated

Your website can become a great source of information, consistently reminding you of your pet’s wants and needs. Add a calendar to remind you of regular vaccinations or obedience training sessions. Insert links to your favorite dog groomer or pet food store so not only do you have a list of the best in town, but you’re helping others with your recommendations.

Pet Sites for Business

Whether you are a breeder or a groomer, your business needs a website to prosper. Contact info and a thorough photo gallery are highly recommended for pet websites with a business purpose. Add a video so visitors can see your work in action and a guestbook to keep in touch with your customers! Remember, you can always keep an eye on site traffic by logging in to your website statistics located in your website administration panel.

Check out our wide selection of templates for creating your personalized business site!

We’d love to see the website you created for your pet. Share it with us! Are you planning to start blogging? Try the step-by-step guide.