Boost the Credibility of Your E-shop in 10 Steps

November 29th, 2011

Recent studies show that consumers are still skeptical about shopping online. Concern is often understandable: products arrive late, damaged, or even never arrive. So how do we gain customer confidence and convey trust? In the following ten steps, learn what you can do to improve your e-shop, heighten credibility, and last but not least, increase profit.

1. About the Company

The “About Us” and “Contact” pages should be considered as important as the products themselves. Thorough and correct information about the company enhances the credibility of the e-shop. In fact, publishing this information is required by law.

2. Terms and Conditions

Inform customers about the terms and conditions of the purchase. Clearly defined conditions, complaints policies, and delivery information all ensure that customers feel safe and free to make purchases, plus that they will return.

3. Communicate with Your Customers

If a problem arises at any stage of the buying process, be willing to help, customers should feel that everything is being done to solve the problem. Fair conduct and the requested products delivered on time prove your credibility the most.

4. Describe Your Product

A detailed description of each product (size, color, material and weight) is a valuable information for customers and is often the only guide they have, so words need to depict reality as much as possible. Where unnecessary, try not to go into detailed technical parameters.

5. Add Photos

Allow customers the chance to view products thoroughly. Images must be aesthetic and professional, but also show what the customer wants, and needs, to see. Invest in a quality camera or find an experienced photographer.

6. High-quality Text Sells

Quality texts with photos give credibility. Be original, do not make grammatical errors, and write shorter texts with correct keywords in a clear format. Feel free to enrich your site with customer experiences, and/or expert opinions.

7. References

Has a well-known media personality praised your product in a newspaper or magazine? Always share such references with customers; it is a great way to gain popularity and credibility!

8. The Power of Social Networks

Place social network buttons in your e-shop. Fans will become your advertising agents. With a simple “Like” or “+1”, information about your product spreads among friends, and what can be more credible than a recommendation from a friend?

9. Constantly in Motion

There’s nothing worse than a site offering old, obsolete news from Christmas or Easter. Show visitors that something is always going on, advertise new and seasonal products, special offers, and competitions. Grab their attention!

10. Shipment tracking

Give your customers the chance to virtually track the status of their product delivery from start to finish; something that nearly every mail order company already provides. In this way, customers will know the location and status of their order at all times and therefore, they will feel at ease.

Do you know other proven ways to increase the credibility of your e-shop? Share it with us! If you look for more advice on how to create an online store, check step by step guide.

Do you know other proven ways to increase the credibility of your e-shop? Share it with us!