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Beautify Your Website With 5 Webnode Tools

How to improve your website

Surely you want to make your website as nice as possible. Changing the header or your page layout or embellishing your photo gallery is an easy way to make a more beautiful site. Read on to find the top 5 tools in Webnode that will help you create the effect you want and a captivating look. Read more …

Quick Tip: How to Create a Facebook Page

How to create a Facebook page for business

Nowadays, having a Facebook page is something automatic, almost mandatory, especially if you have a business, restaurant, company or even a band or other interest. So if it’s so important, what does it really take to create a Facebook page for your business? Keep reading!

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Quick Tip: 5 Widgets That You’ll Love

Quick tipA good website doesn’t just have text, images and videos. Your visitors might enjoy interesting features and apps, from music channels to interactive calendars. These small tools are called widgets. Add them to your website! Come and take a look at the ones that can be the most interesting and useful for you.
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Quick Tip: Increase Your Profits With Heatmaps

Increase profits with heatmapsTo encourage your customer to click a link, you need to add it where they notice it most easily. Ok, but where is the location on a website? Heatmaps will give you the answer. They show where your readers focus their attention. Continue reading and find out how heatmaps can help you.

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Quick Tip: How to Display Products on the Homepage of Your E-shop

How to edit products in WebnodeDo you have the perfect product in your e-shop but your customers are just not buying it? Display it on the homepage of your site! Show off the most popular pieces on your online shelves, highlight any hard-to-sell jewelry, or display the most popular merchandise to your visitors. In this article, we’ll show you how.


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Quick Tip: How to Prevent Image Theft

Images and photos are a very important part of every website. They describe the website content and make the website more attractive and interesting. No wonder, a nice photo on a website is a temptation for anyone  looking for a nice picture for their own purpose.  Nevertheless, every image or photo must be considered a unique piece of art.  Since there are many individuals who simply do not respect copyrights and then download pictures from the internet without the consent of the author, we decided to show you how to prevent images being stolen from your website. To learn more, continue reading.
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Quick Tip: Display Your Photo Gallery in 3 Unique Ways

Quick Tip

When you have many photo galleries on your website, it’s easy for your visitors to get lost! We will show you three quick and interesting ways how you can insert photo galleries on your website to captivate your visitors.
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Quick Tip: Test Your Website’s Load Time

Did you know that if the load time of a web page is 4 seconds, you lose at least 25% of your visitors? Every second counts. The faster your site loads on a computer or mobile phone for visitors, the greater the possibility that they will stay on your web page. Want to know more about your website performance? Read on!


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5 Best Webnode Tutorials

Did you know that Webnode provides an extensive support center that contains a wealth of useful tutorials? Here’s just an example of the 5 most useful tutorials that you can find in our support center. I’m sure you will find them helpful!

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Quick Tip: What Your Contact Info Block Shouldn’t Be Missing

When you create your Webnode website, a Contact block appears which displays your contact information on every page of your site. If your visitors are browsing on any of your web pages, they will be able to contact you easily. What information should you have on your contact page?

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