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March 10th, 2011

We would like to introduce you our new administration interface for a popular Webnode product – e-shop. The change of the visual environment was not the only change. Also e-shop managing was modified. A lot of new and variation of already existing functions were built up and improved in the section – order management, we established a new option to set up a transport discount and shipment tracking service. Some might also find our new automatic store function useful.

Preview of the new administration interfacePreview of the new administration interface

Order Management

The biggest changes occurred in the field of order management. Our users will be able to see if they have new orders and the number of new orders right after logging in (red coloured Orders: Incomplete)

We have simplified the process of working with the order status and our users might also appreciate the new possibilities for arranging orders. You can edit (change status, export, delete and so on) orders individually as well as in-bulk. All this is placed in one window.

Preview of the innovated Order Management

Preview of the innovated Order Management

Shipment tracking and transport discounts

Two improvements can be found in the transport configuration options. The shipment tracking can be implemented after receiving data from the carrying agent.  You and your customer will be able to see, where the shipment is located and how long it will take it to reach the customer. Another innovation is the possibility to enter a minimum sum of money; a customer has to purchase an order for, to get his order sent for free. Whenever the value of an order exceeds this amount of money, a zero sum will be displayed in the transport bill section.

Setting of shipment tracking and transport discount Setting of shipment tracking and transport discount

Setting of  "Automatic stock check"

Automatic stock check

The last Innovation is a function named Automatic stock check. The amount of products is automatically deducted and if the last product was sent, information available “On demand” will be automatically set up. (Be careful this function is not enabled as a default. If you want to use it, it is necessary to activate it in your e-shop settings.)

We hope that this innovation will help you to work with you e-shop more comfortably and efficiently. In case of any questions or problems do not hesitate to contact us. We will only be too  glad  to help you.

Setting of  “Automatic stock check”

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  • I don’t have these functions in my e-shop premium.

  • mary

    hi, daniel….i’m new to webnode. how easy was it to set up your online store? and was it easy

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