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The Manchester Chorale: Creating a Successful Musical Ensemble

The Manchester Chorale: Creating a Successful Musical EnsembleToday we’re revealing the story of a talented musical ensemble based in Manchester, England, called the Manchester Chorale. The choir, originally established by the BBC, can also be proud of an admirable online presence. Read more about their success in the following interview.

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Webnode: A Google Success Story

Webnode: A Google Success StoryWebnode has surpassed 15 million users worldwide. This is a spectacular figure that is a result of hard work and choosing the right partnership. Our cooperation with Google has been a great success which has been recognized as a “Google Export Success Story”. Don’t miss the video that is dedicated to our mutual achievements.

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Just Launched: More Mobile Templates for Your Website or Blog

Webnode mobile templatesLast season we have created a new feature of mobile templates that help your Webnode website work optimally on mobile devices. Our first 23 mobile templates made an appearance. Now we bring you another 16 unique designs to use! Read more …

Choose a New Template for Your Online Store

Mobile templates for your Webnode e-shopToday 77% of online product searches are made from mobiles and tablets and 30% of these searches will end with a purchase! Any online shopping method should be as simple as possible, and what’s more, enjoyable. Therefore, for your Webnode e-shop, nearly 30 unique mobile templates are available, which ensure ultimate convenience for your customers when shopping. Choose the one that best suits your online store!

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Success Story: The Hull Wasps Basketball Team

David Bushnell, club manager

We’re thrilled to have interviewed David Bushnell, club manager and webmaster of the Hull Wasps, the premier basketball team of Hull, England. Since 2008, the team has grown to become a national league club, represented by a superbly designed website. We talked to Dave for an inside look on what makes a basketball team shine not only on the court but also on the web. Read this inspirational story on being a champion in sports management as well as online marketing!

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2013: A Year We Have Shared with Millions

2013 at WebnodeWe are just finishing up probably the best year in Webnode’s history since its launch. If you ask me what I will always remember in 2013, it would be the beautiful changes that occurred in Webnode. Therefore, I have gathered as many colleagues as I could to summarize all that we have shared this year and to express their wishes for 2014.

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New Generation of Templates Designed for All Devices

New responsive templates in Webnode Who among us would not want to read the latest news on the way to work? Visits from mobile devices this year increased by 20% and the number is still growing. Throughout 2013, Internet users have moved from PCs and laptops to mobile phones, tablets, smartphones, readers and other portable devices. For this reason, it was the mission of the designers and programmers at Webnode to adapt the websites accordingly. So from now on we’re creating templates with a responsive design – templates that enable convenient access to your website from practically anywhere! Read more …

Success Story: How to Get 1.5 Million Fans on Facebook

Sunday, 4:25 pm. 25 minutes ago Ciara Molina – one of the most popular Webnode webmasters on Facebook- published an image with a quote from M. De Unamuno, “He who believes in himself, does not need others to believe in him.” In 27 minutes the image got 1750 likes, 12 comments and was shared by 806 people. If you wonder “Who is Ciara and why has she enjoyed such huge success on Facebook?”, you shouldn’t miss this interview. 

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Webnode Speaks 25 Languages

Celebrating 25 languages!

We are celebrating the International Day of Languages by announcing that Webnode now speaks 25 languages! It’s a milestone we are really proud of. We started with English in 2008, and then Spanish, Czech and Slovak, and already five years have passed. Thousands of hours working side by side with native translators, burning many dictionaries on the way. And all for a mission for everyone to easily create their own website and blog.

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Web of the Month: Wedding Video (Svatební Video)

Jiří Májek started making videos when, a short way away from his home, a Czech movie called Inheritance was being filmed. Soon after, he bought a camera, started shooting his own films, and ventured into shooting weddings and various cultural events. In 1999, he founded his own film studio and decided he wants to have his own website.

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