How to Embed Tweets on Your Website or Blog

September 2nd, 2013

How to embed tweets on your websiteEvery minute 100,000 tweets are posted worldwide with news, thoughts, and conversations. Everyone is on Twitter. From politicians and institutions, artists, companies, as well as your customers. So if you need to use tweets to generate content for your website or blog, why not post them in an original and effective way?


Ways to Use Tweets to Your Advantage

– Collecting positive reviews of your products and services or even an event you’ve organized.

– Quoting the original source to give credibility to information you post.

– Generating new content based on current trends.

How to Embed Tweets On a Webnode Website:

1. When you hover over a tweet, four options appear. Click on “More” and select “Embed Tweet”.

How to embed a tweet

2. Copy the embed code highlighted in blue:

how to add tweets

3. Embed it on your site Webnode (if you don’t remember how, follow this tutorial)

How to Spot a Fake Twitter Account

If your mother says she loves you, check it out. ” – Chicago Tribune

As Twitter is full of “official” sources, it’s also full of trolls and false accounts. If you use a  fake account as an official one, you can cause the reputation of your site or blog to hit rock bottom (from which it may never recover). I’ll give you 3 tips to avoid these sources of toxic information:

  • Accounts belonging to celebrities, institutions and companies often have a verified account on Twitter. This usually happens when there are several accounts with the same name or meet some of the criteria in these FAQs about verified accounts.
  • Verified accounts have a blue checkmark and when you hover over it, you’ll see “Verified account”.
  • Compare the language and content of the messages: There are often cases in which false accounts are written in a different language than the person they try to pass as. Or also when checking past tweets, you may see messages with suspicious recommendations.
  • Read the account descriptions carefully: you’ll often find out why they are using the name of a celebrity (fan clubs, foundations, etc).

Use the incredible 100,000 tweets per minute to your advantage! If you also want to embed a Twitter widget on your website, don’t forget to take a look at this article.

Have you found a tweet that your website can’t miss? Share in comments.

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