Success Story of Capotreno Gio’: Model Trains and Railways

April 21st, 2013

A success story doesn’t necessarily mean an increase in business, but the joy that comes from a passion, a hobby, and the ability to distract the mind from everyday life. We interviewed Giovanni, who has devoted part of his spare time to building a model railway for his model trains. His website is

1. Giovanni, where does your passion for model trains come from?

It all began in my childhood, when I used to play a lot with model trains. The passion for it lit up once again when I was in my 40s. I found an old train and I started playing with my wife and my two daughters.

2. And how did you come up with the idea of having a website about model railways?

To tell you the truth, my wife came up with the idea to build and run the first version of my website. But I wanted to be completely independent, and after several attempts in the month of July 2012, I finally managed to publish the new version of the website. Every day I made an update with small changes and new topics and now it has become my anti-stress hobby.

3. In what sense do you mean anti-stress?

I think everyone needs a chance to relax. I work as a financial advisor, managing household investments, and a hobby helps me a lot to distract me from  my work activities.

4. And do you enjoy modeling or building the site more?

I must confess… now I have more fun creating the site. Every day I add something new and I like to share my passion with people. The opportunity to create a website makes it an ideal tool to “infect” the greatest number of people with your own creative fever.

5. You told me that you were able to get in the top positions in search engines. So you are also interested in the technical side?

In reality, I am not very practical in creating sites, but I learned a lot. When I created my new website, of course I lost my position in search engines. However, I soon learned how to work with Webmaster Tools, I quickly learned to use the right words for search, and was able to rise quickly to the head of the major search engines. In fact, my website gets a high number of clicks.

6. Now back to your site, how do you choose new topics to attract visitors?

I have no special method, but I’ll let you know my secret ingredient: simplicity. I try to make the website clear and complete, with a pleasant visual impact. The reader should feel at home. I tell the story of hobby modeling from my point of view, revealing a diary without any secrets, talking about it from opposite sides, from a pure “playing” perspective to an archive collection of photos from past times.

7. Did you get to know any special people through your website?

I’ve already dedicated many years to my hobby, and I met many people with the same interests. With some, we do a link exchange, or if they don’t have a personal website, I dedicate some space on mine (a space for their model trains). I can say that we have built some very strong collaborations that resulted in close friendships.

8. The model trains on your website are incredibly detailed. Have you won any awards?

No, actually I have never participated in any contest. In Italy, besides contests, there are also exhibitions and fairs where modelers and groups of railway modelers present their model railways. We embrace these opportunities to have fun, spend a day together, exchange ideas and see each other’s work.

9. And regarding the future, do you have any plans in developing your website?

Right now I’m very pleased with the results of the website which is of course, ever evolving. I will finish with a comment made to me by a dear friend: My impression is that running a very dynamic site, with unlimited opportunities for expansion is just like building a model railway: You know how to start and how many projects you can do with it, but you have no idea how it will turn out!

10. The last question. In conclusion, was it easy for you to create a website?

Yes, very easy and in a short time, I gained skills to run the site independently. Your platform is intuitive and provides all the necessary tools to set up the website: ideas become reality in real time, and important results already happen while in the process of learning. Thank you Webnode, for the quality of service.

We thank Giovanni for the time he has spent to tell us his success story. If you want to support him, visit his website at, also available in English.

Do you also have a success story that deserves to be shared with others? Send us an e-mail!


Kateřina Štarhová (8 posts)

Success Story of Capotreno Gio’: Model Trains and Railways by

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