Quick Tip: Surprise Your Readers with Social Buttons

April 30th, 2013


You have a perfect website, but nobody talks about it? You write great articles, but nobody “likes” them? You want to be known and your posts to be popular, but they are not being shared in social networks? Sometimes, all people need is a small “push”. We have the perfect tool to help you out: meet Wibiya by Conduit. 


Wibiya by Conduit allows you to add a bar with special social buttons to your website. Your readers will be able to see it in the bottom of the screen, no matter what part of the webpage they will be on. The advantages of this bar is its size, pleasant colours and interesting design. Your visitor will definitely notice it, but will not be disturbed by its appearance. Moreover, it will push the readers to share your website with their friends. Take the advantage of the joy of your readers!

How to install Wibiya

1) Go to Wibiya by Conduit website and create an account. Enter your website address, choose type of your website, add e-mail address and choose the password. Lastly, click on “Get the Installation Code”.

2) The system will generate a code that you need to insert into your CSS template before the </body> tag. (Do not forget to save the header. After you apply the template again, insert the image header that you previously had there.)

Fantastic! The social networks bar Wibiya is added to your website.

Do you know all the social networks from the picture above?

Vojtěch Žák (22 posts)

Quick Tip: Surprise Your Readers with Social Buttons by
  • This topic is interesting about tips for surprise your readers..lol..

  • Glad you liked it!

  • Joleneee

    Social buttons are great but I can’t help but think they have a reverse effect on smaller businesses who are not going to get much social engagement! When you read an article and see 0 tweets and 0 facebook likes you can’t help but think, “wow this post must be pretty lame!”
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  • LB

    Great point Jolenee! I never put it into words, but I have the same reaction :)


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  • Thanks for this quick tip. I am going to replace AddThis with Wibiya now!

  • Good point, what can help is to start promoting your website by ways of linksharing, publishing, etc. so you already have some online exposure! However, don’t be afraid to add social buttons for fear of not getting many likes, sharing via social networking is one of the best forms of getting more readers, and you might even be surprised!

  • Great! We’re glad you enjoyed reading this article.

  • emrnitin

    I’m currently setting up another website and this is a great idea to include. Great tip.

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  • Hello,
    we’re happy you found this article useful for your website.
    Thank you for visiting our blog!

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