Quick Tip: How to Allow Visitors to Upload Files to Your Website

April 23rd, 2013

Allow Visitors to Upload Files to Your WebsiteDo you need for your site visitors to be able to share pictures or any other files? With the new forms there is a simple way to do so. Just three clicks and visitors can upload files to your website whenever they like. Discover how easily you can do it!

Whether in comments, forums, a guestbook or even in a contact form, your visitors can upload a picture or file quickly and conveniently and send it to you. You can add the field for uploading files as simply as any other element. Click on the “Form” button in the toolbar and drag it to the desired location in your web page, and select “Upload file” in the menu. Once you save and publish, visitors can immediately start uploading files.

 Allow visitors to upload files

The “Upload File” option in the new form feature

The upload file size is not limited. For capacity reasons, this is a feature accessible only to Premium users.

Provide total convenience and allow users to upload files to your website. Log in to your Webnode site, and add the “Upload file” option right now!

If you have this option set, share your website with us in comments!

Olga Prokopová (130 posts)

Quick Tip: How to Allow Visitors to Upload Files to Your Website by

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