Success story: Fortune favors the bold!


“Fortune favors the bold!” says Mr. Militký, owner of NET Contact Ltd., one of the largest distributors and dealers of designer dog fashion and accessories in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. He runs a variety of sites in Webnode, about sales and logistics his company provides. How does his story begin? A few years ago it was impossible to find quality goods in this part of the market, virtually everything was imported. The wife of Mr. Militký didn’t accept this. She decided to take a chance and open a small e-shop. Then she added a small boutique and expanded the e-shop.Today, together they have a dog fashion wholesale company and are exclusive distributors of famous brands. And going beyond the borders of their country.

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Web of the Month –

For this month’s web of the month, Webnode chose a website that deals with a very delicate matter that’s sometimes treated with prejudice. The website was created by a young man who feels first-hand what being HIV-positive means.

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We’re proud to present our very first website x-rayed by our professionals. We recently launched the chance for you to get your website evaluated by our specialists! This time, the website was put under close examination to deliver insightful tips. Read more to find out the details of our investigation!


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Quick Tip: Add a news list with pictures to your website

A picture is worth a thousand words. Would you like to revive the news on your site with pictures? There are two ways to do this! Choose which format you prefer and we’ll show you how to set it up.
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Web of the Month – Holzgauerhaus

The winner of Webnode’s Web of the Month Contest for November 2012 is the Austrian Website, that presents a mountain inn “Genuß am Berg” in Warth am Arlberg in the Austrian Alps. Read more …

Create a Free Website for Hotels and B&Bs

In this article we offer tips to help you create a successful website for your hotel. But that’s not all: we’ll also give you advice on how to promote it. So don’t miss the opportunity! If you are the owner of a hotel or a bed & breakfast, Webnode gives you the chance to create a free website for your business, quick and easy.


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Quick Tip: How to Add A Business to Google Maps

Google Maps is a free web mapping service that lets you find the location you need when you provide information such as country, city, address and even companies. If you add your business to Google Maps, it will appear
in a prominent position in Google search results. The services of your company will be featured extensively and you will attract more customers!

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Transform CONs to PROs – Pop-ups

In the article « 10 things people hate to find on your site » you read what things you should avoid putting on your website, so visitors won’t get scared and leave your web page. Let’s start with the first, widely disliked – pop-up windows – and learn how to apply it in a friendly manner!

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Quick Tip: How to Add a “More Information” Button to a Serious Template

The new Serious templates have been a success. Many of you have already redesigned your websites with these templates that have an animated slideshow in the header. Do you need a button that directs users to more information? If you want to know how to add such a button to your website header, the following steps will show you how!

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Google Analytics – Part 3: Why It’s Important to Check the Bounce Rate

Have you ever wondered how much your visitors are interested in your website? Our previous posts about Google Analytics guided you on how to work with traffic data. Today I’ll simply explain what your website says about the mysterious so-called Bounce Rate. If you’ve set up Google Analytics earlier, you have enough data for analysis and you can immediately try out the next steps. Read more …

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