Stand out from the Crowd with New Metro Templates

December 10th, 2012

Meet the new Metro templates! Apply this template to your website and let its sharp edges stand out from the usual rounded shapes of our current designs. You can choose from several original color schemes with an available three-column layout. They’re also free!


Feel free to try this timeless design for your website, available in ten original color schemes. Designed with the preferred 3 column layout, your website will not only be popular for its appealing look, but also its clarity and easy usability.

Select the one which suits your website the best!




Do you know how to switch your existing template to a new one? Login to Webnode and follow the instructions in our user guide. You’ll find these templates under the category Metro.

And after choosing your favorite color scheme, don’t forget to share your website on our Facebook page!

Olga Prokopová (130 posts)

Stand out from the Crowd with New Metro Templates by

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