2012: A Remarkable Year at Webnode

December 28th, 2012

Tým Webnode

What are things we prepared and what have we experienced the past year? Webnode celebrated its 5th birthday, we launched 5 new language versions of our portal, the number of employees rose to over 50 people and from 5 million users last year, the number nearly doubled! How was year 2012 at Webnode? Read about these and other important events of the last twelve months. There won’t be even enough lines for everything!

Templates everywhere you look

Almost every other month we’ve launched new templates. It all started with the innovative three-column template Atlax. Selfic and Photolia were next, followed by the revolutionary Serious as well as the newest Metro templates. Nearly all of them are for non-premium users.

One of the favorites Photolia

Contests and celebrations

There were a lot of exciting events this year, especially in the last quarter! We started by organizing a great Valentine’s Day on Facebook. Later you had the opportunity to test whether you’re a true Webnode guru. In October, we celebrated Webnode’s 5th birthday and of course we didn’t forget to make a special Christmas video for this beautiful time of the year.

How we educated

We also focused on education in the past year! We traveled around the world (like Spain) to meet new and existing users, so we  haven’t lost a minute of time neither at home. We’ve updated our blog with useful articles for your web business and also prepared several new sections. Our series on Quick Tips and Xray Your Site has been of great interest from the start.

New features and options

You’ve probably noticed new features like Member Login or the chance to create smart surveys using questionnaires. You also had the chance thanks to Webnode, to create your own ad campaign using Google AdWords at a very reasonable price.

Login and registration form for the new Member Login feature

Other language versions at Webnode

From 15 language versions at Webnode, the number increased by 5. Our portal is now available in Swedish, Hungarian, UkrainianJapanese and Taiwanese.

Other members of our big family at Webnode can create a website in their native language! We keep in touch with you also on social networks. New Facebook pages were launched for German, Dutch, Hungarian, Japanese and Russian speaking users.

And in the meantime, of course we’ve taken care of your requests  because we care most about you – our users. There will be 8 million Webnode users altogether! We answered about 160,000 questions to customer support and over 8000 emergency inquiries on online chat.There were also a number of solved problems on Facebook, Twitter and Google+, which have a total of 150,000 fans!

We hope that the new year 2013, will be at least as successful as 2012. May your website with Webnode bring you every joy, along with satisfied customers.

Olga Prokopová (130 posts)

2012: A Remarkable Year at Webnode by

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