Plan Regular Maintenance of Your Site

September 23rd, 2012

A website is like a home. It needs to be maintained, cleaned and carefully taken care of. Some activities require more attention while other tasks need to be done only once in a while. What are the tasks you shouldn’t forget about in order to maintain your website?



List of tasks for each week

1. Add news – Keep your site up to date. Every week you should add at least one piece of news from your business or industry. What could you write about? New items in stock, participation in a fair, discounted products or reviews of certain products.

Tip: Insert content in the form of articles. For more information, see our guide on how to insert a new article.

2. Check that products and services offered are up-to-date – If you have an online store, you should regularly check that you have all of the products still in stock, with the current price and description. To manage your e-shop in bulk, you can choose the import and export of products.

What do you need to do each month?

1. Plan and create a special offer – Maintain regular customer demand for your services. Create special events for them, with a discount on one of your products, contest or a sales promotion of buy one, get one free. If you want this sale to be promoted on social networking sites, be sure to create a special landing page to which promotions will lead. At the entrance to your site, visitors should not be distracted from this special offer by anything.

2. Check if the web links work – One of the factors of search engine optimization are functional links within the site. How can you easily check? Use Google Webmaster tools. If you haven’t used this system yet, don’t hesitate to set it up for your website.

Quarterly tasks

1. Make sure contact info is up-to-date – At least every quarter year, you should check that all contact information is current. What not to forget?

–        Address

–        Phone number

–        Email (and in the contact form)

2. Revise the information about your company and team – Every three months, it’s also necessary to check whether the information about your team is current, so that customers know who to turn to. Once in a while I also read what is in the “About us”. It can happen that the focus of the company has changed since the founding of the webpage.

Now, hand on your heart: do you maintain and update your website regularly? Or you’ve created it but you haven’t logged in to the editor since?

Markéta Kabátová (6 posts)

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