Using QR Codes for Your Business

December 1st, 2011


It’s everywhere: online, in magazines, on posters, and on products. This black and white, mosaic square actually hides useful information. It is a QR code, an effective combination of the real and the virtual worlds. How is it used and how can it promote your business? Is it just a trend that will be soon forgotten?

What is a QR Code?

QR stands for “Quick Response”. Nowadays, you’ll see this code in various texts, signs, emails, maps, etc. You’ll need a reader to scan the code, which is available in most smartphones, and works just like the bar code reader at your local supermarket. Accessing the hidden content with your phone is just one click away! Invented in Japan, the QR code has become a normal part of everyday life in Japan since the mid-90s, and is becoming increasingly popular worldwide, hand in hand with the rise of smartphone usage.

How do I use the code? Let’s say you happen to see a poster announcing a concert of your favorite band. Just scan the QR Code found on the poster with your phone, and you’ll get to your band’s website. You realize that the tickets are almost sold out! Jump straight to your online ticket office and within a few seconds you’ve got a concert to go to!

QR Codes to Promote your Business

You can place QR codes anywhere, from your business card, to a ticket or a coupon. QR codes are versatile, so the place to put them just depends on your imagination and creativity.

The content of the code depends on its location. For instance, if you have a QR code on your business card, it should include data about yourself, your business, or other relevant information that would not fit on the card. By scanning the code, the smartphone owner saves data directly to his/her phone. If you want to add a QR code to a newspaper ad, insert the web address of the product for quick consumer access (i.e., so the customer can evaluate or purchase the product).

Create Your Own QR Code

Creating the code is easy. Just take a QR code generator from the web (QR Stuff, QRifier, etc.) ​​and add the information you want to display. The code generator also allows you to print, save or email your QR code! Do you find the black and white version of the QR Code boring? The services above also have features to create a colored code and even to insert a picture!

Find out what is hidden in our QR code!:-)

Olga Prokopová (130 posts)

Using QR Codes for Your Business by
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    Thank you Allen, glad you liked it. Be sure to check our blog often for more news and updates!

  • Thank you Allen, glad you liked it. Be sure to check our blog often for more news and updates!

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