Webnode brings higher efficiency to website building

July 10th, 2008

When it comes to website building there are many tools available on the internet for free. Lately online website builders have gained popularity for their ease of use. Compared to other sitebuilders Webnode.com offers significantly higher efficiency of website creation and maintenance.

Webnode is a free tool that helps people to create their own websites. With a web browser users can build advanced and interactive websites. Website editing is very similar to text editing in MS Word or any other text editor. Accepting text and images users can also enrich their websites by adding various components. With a simple drag-and-drop they can add polls, forums, photo galleries or widgets.

With a typical website builder users have to create every web page from scratch. This is a time-consuming process that results in the lower efficiency of content creation. Webnode solves this problem by offering a special feature. Users add custom dynamics and structured content (think of articles for example). The sitebuilder offers a choice of template designs where users can customize the data structure. They just fill in the existing templates with their own information. This way users create more web pages in less time. This fact was recognized by a recent survey at HosTest.net. It features the chart (below) that shows the number of monthly page views of some content that a single registered user has created with a specific sitebuilder. The survey comments on Webnode: “This proves a significantly higher efficiency of content creation.”

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Webnode brings higher efficiency to website building by
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