Beautify Your Website With 5 Webnode Tools

April 16th, 2013

How to improve your website

Surely you want to make your website as nice as possible. Changing the header or your page layout or embellishing your photo gallery is an easy way to make a more beautiful site. Read on to find the top 5 tools in Webnode that will help you create the effect you want and a captivating look.

1. Header Editor

Each template has a preset header image, but if you want to give your website a new look, you can easily change it You can either choose a header from our menu or upload your own picture. With the help of our graphical editor, tweak it according to your taste.

2. Photo Gallery Editor

Do you want to upload a new picture in your photo gallery? Does it need a trim? Do you think your photo would look better if it was shot from a different side? Or maybe you need to scale or enlarge it? Find out how to edit images in the photo gallery and adjust it to your needs.

3. Modify the Page Layout

The design of your website can be modified by changing the number of columns on your page. You can have up to 3 columns on your website. When you insert content to each column, your website will be more clean, limpid and interesting.

4. Photo Gallery Display

Photo numbering? Thumbnail size? Captions? No problem! You can do all this to successfully customize your site. Click on “Settings” in the upper right corner of the photo gallery.

You can choose from two types of photo galleries: modern and classic display. Which one do you like better?

5. Editing Templates and CSS

If you know HTML and CSS, you can reshape your template down to the smallest detail. Our guide will help you edit your template. Alternatively, if you want more than that, you can always ask our professional designers to create a template made-to-measure.

(In order to get your own professional template go to “Enhance your website” in your administration panel and click on “Get a modern template”. See below.)

Enhance your website

Which Webnode tool do you find the most useful? Wondering what a website builder is and how to use it? We have a detailed guide for you.