Be a Successful Affiliate Marketer

June 21st, 2012

Did you know that the concept of affiliate marketing has existed for more than 20 years? Being an affiliate marketer has grown to become one of the primary ways of making money online. If you’ve been thinking about seizing this opportunity, read our tips on how you can be a successful affiliate marketer!

5 Steps to Affiliate Marketing Success

1. Start with a content rich website

Start as an affiliate with an already well-visited site. Remember that just driving traffic is not enough, earn the trust of your visitors and heighten credibility by answering questions promptly, keeping your news up-to-date and providing info that builds up a good business profile (contact information, photos, business description, etc.).

2. Know your audience

Do the research necessary to really know your audience. Knowing who’ll find you and who is interested in your content is the key factor for a successful affiliate partnership. Think what your site visitors would be interested in. If your recipe blog is visited by passionate cooks, what kind of banners would they click on?

3. Find your niche

Determine your niche market and reflect it on your website. Focus on one product and one target. You’ll be guaranteed more clicks if your target is a specialized audience! For example, if you have a blog about bicycles, your affiliate could be a bike shop. If you have book reviews in your blog, add a bookshop as an affiliate!

4. Market your website

Make it your goal to appear high up in both organic and advertising search results so your visitor numbers grow. Start online advertising to get customers fast. Research and use keywords with Google AdWords Keyword Tool and Google Insights for Search. Experiment with article and email marketing.

5. Be patient

Even if you are not building the numbers you were first expecting, don’t give up! Being successful in affiliate marketing does not happen overnight. But we can assure you, the reward is worth it!

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