Avoid Disaster and Back Up Your Website

March 29th, 2013
backup website

Your day’s work is finally coming to a close. One last page, you save it, and – the power goes off. When you restart the computer, you find that everything is lost. What’s worse, you don’t have a backup of your work saved anywhere! We’ve all been in a similar situation. Have you ever thought that you could lose the contents of your website? Of course, not because of a power failure but perhaps because you accidentally deleted the content.

“That’s impossible,” you think. “You cannot delete content by accident.” And all it takes is just a little bit of carelessness and everything is gone. A good example is Tomas Pospisil, who founded Electorbikes, a Webnode e-shop selling electric bikes.

“It wasn’t a good day for me, and when I sat down in the evening to edit the website, I was irritated and tired,” Tomas explains how it all happened. I wanted to make some adjustments for specific goods and when I was editing menu, I accidentally selected all and chose delete. After that, I realized what I did, but it was too late already.

Tomas had fortunately saved the backup of his e-shop, a feature available in our Premium services. “It saved me at least a week of hard work,” says Pospisil. “I’d have to start everything from the beginning, go through the websites of foreign and domestic suppliers, inspect competition… there would be a lot to do.”

Therefore, whenever you edit your website, think of Tomas. Accidents happen and it is good to be insured and have a chance to back up your site regularly.

On the contrary, we don’t recommend you to back up your documents after you finished the work, but instead, before you start. You don’t have to worry if the network goes down, the computer crashes, or you face any similar incident.

However, in case you accidentally click somewhere you didn’t want to, a little bit of carelessness can result in disaster. Our customer support staff face these situations all the time. So before editing pages, always click in the administration to Backup and Recover your site data. Take the step to prevent any future inconvenience.

“I am very glad that it turned out like this. If there were no backups, I would not have the courage to start all over again”, says Tomas.

You shouldn’t think twice if a backup is useful for you. If you have a lot of important content on your website, it is basically a necessity. Enter the administration of your site, click on Backup your website, and quickly activate the service. Not only will a Premium package safeguard your business, but will also make a range of new features available for you to achieve unique results.

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