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Just Launched: More Mobile Templates for Your Website or Blog

Webnode mobile templatesLast season we have created a new feature of mobile templates that help your Webnode website work optimally on mobile devices. Our first 23 mobile templates made an appearance. Now we bring you another 16 unique designs to use! Read more …

Choose a New Template for Your Online Store

Mobile templates for your Webnode e-shopToday 77% of online product searches are made from mobiles and tablets and 30% of these searches will end with a purchase! Any online shopping method should be as simple as possible, and what’s more, enjoyable. Therefore, for your Webnode e-shop, nearly 30 unique mobile templates are available, which ensure ultimate convenience for your customers when shopping. Choose the one that best suits your online store!

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New Generation of Templates Designed for All Devices

New responsive templates in Webnode Who among us would not want to read the latest news on the way to work? Visits from mobile devices this year increased by 20% and the number is still growing. Throughout 2013, Internet users have moved from PCs and laptops to mobile phones, tablets, smartphones, readers and other portable devices. For this reason, it was the mission of the designers and programmers at Webnode to adapt the websites accordingly. So from now on we’re creating templates with a responsive design – templates that enable convenient access to your website from practically anywhere! Read more …

Select a Mobile Template for Your Webnode Website

Select a Mobile Template for Your Webnode WebsiteWe connect to the Internet not just from computers or laptops, but more and more from devices like smartphones or tablets. One half of all local searches are performed from a mobile device*. So it’s time to apply a mobile template to your website or blog. We’ve designed special mobile templates that ensure convenience and a full display of your website from any mobile device.

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What are Tags and Why Your Website Needs Them

What is a tagYou can find them in email providers, websites or image-sharing portals. They’re used by Amazon – the biggest online store in the world, the online encyclopedia Wikipedia, or even news websites. We’re talking about tags, which are available also for your Webnode website. Why should you use them? Keep reading to find out.

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Quick Tip: How to Add Anchor Links to Your Website

how to add anchor linksWe’re sure you’ve already seen these links, for example in longer Wikipedia articles – links that quickly direct you to another location on the same page. These links are also called bookmarks or anchors. So how can you add anchor links to your Webnode website?

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Quick Tip: How to Allow Visitors to Upload Files to Your Website

Allow Visitors to Upload Files to Your WebsiteDo you need for your site visitors to be able to share pictures or any other files? With the new forms there is a simple way to do so. Just three clicks and visitors can upload files to your website whenever they like. Discover how easily you can do it!

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New Webnode Templates – Fresh Minimalism for Your E-shop

Eshop templates

Give your online shop an extraordinary design by adding a template from the new set. The original color schemes with a dark background get your products to stand out and will surely enchant new and existing customers! Read more …

Change Your Look with One of Our 3 New Sets of Templates

With the new season approaching, we prepared three new sets of templates! Take a look at our templates called “Clouds”, “Dolly”, and “Simplia”. Treat yourself to original color combinations and diverse styles to give your website a fresh new look. There is a little something for everyone!


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Web of the Month Electorbikes – Meet the Freedom

The website of the month for March 2013 is Electorbikes – meet the freedom, a website dedicated to electric bicycles by Tomáš Pospíšil! Three years ago he was looking for an eco-friendly and economical form of transportation. The electric bike inspired him to the point that he decided to start his own business in the field.  Read more …

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