Architecture and art: Success story of Degabriel handbags 

December 13th, 2022
Success story: Interview with Fátima de Gabriel

Technical character of architecture and creativeness of art – two essences combined into Degabriel. We bring you a unique interview with Fátima Degabriel, founder and CEO of Degabriel brand. Get inspired by remarkable fashion. Learn from the success story of Degabriel handbags and prosperous e-commerce built with Webnode.Webnode is a showcase for all kinds of customers globally,” says Fátima.  

Tell us a little bit about the story of your brand. How Degabriel came to be? 

I´ve always had that more entrepreneurial spirit thanks to my grandfather. I also had developed dresses and party clothes before, but I had never designed bags, and I wanted to give one to my mother since it is her favorite accessory. At that time, she was working in a well-known fast fashion brand as a designer. She learned from great professionals in the area, though there was hardly any room for inspiration and development.  

I looked for workshops to start developing the Delle piece (one of the handbag models) but they wouldn’t let me make just one unit, so I decided to bet on it. It was a way to unleash my creativity by creating something that has nothing to do with the vertiginousness of fashion. It’s something intimate, with soul. Each model is carefully thought out and studied, as every detail of the brand. 

I decided to call it DEGABRIEL as my paternal surname. The logo on the homepage is from a painting made by my great-uncle who was an architect and painter. It mixes the most technical principle of architecture with the most creative essence of art, two values that fit perfectly with Degabriel. 

How do you imagine the woman who wears your handbags? 

I never define her by age, I think it’s a matter of attitude and taste. The woman who inspires me is one who has a sensitivity for art, architecture and has personality when it comes to dressing. She is not afraid to embrace a new piece, in fact she likes to be a pioneer in discovering it. 

How do you find inspiration for creating the bags sold on your website? Do you feel a strong inspiration from an ancient culture? Why? 

I always tend to be inspired by architecture. I recently took a trip to Egypt and now I have created a new model that is inspired by the buildings of this ancient civilization. Also, the Art Deco architecture, with the contrast of lines and curves, is essential for my creation.  

Then nature transmits ideas to me through its most organic forms, as can be seen in the Âme model that is reminiscent of seashells. 

Besides, all the bags are based on the golden number or golden ratio. There is an exhaustive study behind it to reach a harmonious result that pleases the eye in an elegant but consistent way. 

Each model of Degabriel handbags is carefully thought out and studied.

Each model of Degabriel handbags is carefully thought out and studied. 

What materials do you use in your bags? And how long does it take to make one handbag? 

All materials come from golden rated suppliers. We work with the same factories that work for the big luxury brands. The leather comes from Italy and Spain as well as the trimmings, lining, etc. We take great care of the entire process and control 100% of the value chain. 

In addition, the skins have the LWG seal, which means that they comply with established environmental ethics. 

About the timing, we generally talk about productions, since it is an online system to be more efficient, generally a production can take from 2-3 months. 

How has Webnode helped you in your business? 

It is a crucial tool, not only as a conversion platform, but as a showcase for all kinds of customers globally. 

Degabriel e-commerce is built with Webnode.

Degabriel e-commerce is built with Webnode.

You operate in many markets; do you see any strong differences between them? (e.g. type of bags sold in different markets, age of women that purchase…) 

At the international level, the purchase is faster and on impulse. In the US they opt for larger models, in Asia smaller pieces and more striking colors. Although at the national level I believe that women are increasingly taking more risks in terms of color. 

We noticed that you were featured in fashion magazines and other places. What do you consider the biggest achievement of your business? 

The last milestone that I consider a great achievement is being present at WOW in Gran Vía in Madrid, a physical store that sells emerging and very select established brands. 

Can you find 3 reasons why you would recommend Webnode? 

I have been able to compare many options in the market and I think that Webnode is the one that offers the highest quality, a reasonable price and it is very easy to edit. Webnode also has exceptional technical support. 

Which one is your personal favorite bag? 

It hasn’t been released yet but a new model will be out soon that I really think is my favorite (although I always say the same thing when I make a new model ha-ha).  

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